The K-pop Round Up: January & February 2014

Wait, what month is it? Oh yeah, April. Honestly, January and February were filled with some really… mentionable releases. Whether they were really good or really bad, almost every song on this list had to be mentioned for one reason or another. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity and let 2014’s start K-pop music fly by! Enjoy the joint January and February edition of The K-pop Round Up!

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It Seems I Blinked!

While scrolling through the seemingly endless amount of catch-up posts of Idolminded, I appeared to have blinked one too many times. I missed quite intriguing(at least to me) announcements boiling in the K-pop universe. Shall we?

Dong Ho of U-KISS

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Top! Series – Favorite Korean Artists [Part X]

Sorry guys, no PBSpam! this weekend. Yesterday was hella hectic and I had no time to finish and post it up. I’ll try my best to get it up this Saturday 3: And with that, I bring you week 10 of Top! Series: Favorite Korean Artists. Btw, first Kpop post! ;D

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