Under A Spell 2013 Year-End Awards [K-pop Edition]

Another one!? It can’t be. But it is! Welcome to the K-pop edition of Under A Spell 2013 Year-End Awards where I celebrate all the good K-pop had to offer this year! Shall we!? You’re caught under the spell now. Sorry!

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Under A Spell 2013 Year-End Awards [J-pop Edition]

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Are your tummies stuffed? Are your wish fulfilled? Can you make December’s rent? Probably not, but that’s okay! I’ll help you with all of that(okay… maybe not paying rent) with my end-of-the-year awards! I know, I know, you’ve seen these all other the interwebs–judging that artist, this artist, that genre, this genre. But whatever, what’s one more! From this point on, you’re under a spell!

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Rino Sashihara’s Scandal and Transfer

This post was originally saved for many different topics I have saved, but this was something that really caught my eye. Plus, it’s been popping up all around the blogosphere. Rino Sashihara, a recent success in AKB, has been smacked in the face with a huge scandal that has caused her to be taken out of AKB48 and transferred to HKT48.

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