I Forgot She Wasn’t Gay

You younger AKB followers might not remember the wonderfully perverted, Meetan, otherwise known as Megumi Ohori. She was a member of AKB48, as well as SDN48. Meetan was older than 100% of her fellow members and had a knack for making her bandmates uncomfortable. Oh yeah, and she was a goddamn sexpot.

Ain't she lovely?

Ain’t she lovely?

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European & American Destinations Plus Some WONDER-ful News

Very recently, Hello! Project’s dancing power, C-ute, has announced their voyage to Paris on their annual C-ute day this year. Also K-pop hip-hop rookies, B.A.P, already have tickets ready for their 4 American concert dates next month!

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Pregnant Musumes, Robo-Musume, & A New Maki Goto!?

People still continue to complain about MoMusume’s change in style. Quite frankly, I’m still very, very confused why. I can understand not liking the songs or whatever, but disliking Morning Musume just because they are experimenting with a new style is just plain ridiculous. I don’t know if people have noticed, but pop is a broad genre. Add a sweet guitar riff, you’ve got pop-rock. Add an awesome electronic beat, and you have electro-pop. Add a fun brass instrument, you have jazz-pop. Fact of the matter is, Morning Musume/Tsunku tried out this new type of pop and they were extremely successful. So, Tsunku’s decided to roll with that. What’s so bad about that?

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Ai Kago gives birth to a healthy baby girl!

After graduations, many of our beloved Hello! Project members move on with their lives–which means plenty of dating, marriage, and pregnancy announcements! Ai Kago announced she was married and pregnant back in December of 2011. After a couple months, she released this picture, showing that she is doing well in her pregnancy:

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