Anticipating These Albums and Photobooks…

It’s finally time for the big, hearty update for our girls at Hello! Pro! The week starts out strong for Morning Musume, even though I’m not all that impressed by the early releases of 2013…

Morning Musume Help me!! Jan. 22, 2013

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Berryz Mansion is filled with…PROSTITUTES!?

Well… Maybe we saw it coming, guys. Either way, I’m gonna take a small break from my 2012 posts to comment on Berryz’ upcoming album and single!

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Hello! Pro Releases Update~

A lot of upcoming releases have been named, new stuff has been announced, and there’s been some previews! Let’s check ’em out~<3

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H!P on a roll with those Photobooks…

Alright! So I haven’t done a news update post in a mighty long time. And it’s about time I do before Christmas hits(which btw, is Saturday!). A LOT has been announced in the H!P universe, majority of them being PBs!–which is something we don’t get often. Mkay well, let’s get this show on the road~

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Upcoming Shizznit

So some new releases and whatnot have been announced in the H!P universe. One in particular that I’m REALLY excited about 8D Hold your horses, one bumpy ride ahead~

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