Anticipating These Albums and Photobooks…

It’s finally time for the big, hearty update for our girls at Hello! Pro! The week starts out strong for Morning Musume, even though I’m not all that impressed by the early releases of 2013…

Morning Musume Help me!! Jan. 22, 2013

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Berryz Mansion is filled with…PROSTITUTES!?

Well… Maybe we saw it coming, guys. Either way, I’m gonna take a small break from my 2012 posts to comment on Berryz’ upcoming album and single!

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Help you? You don’t want my help…

…I’ll make you cry.

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Is Hello! Project Getting Better at These PVs?

More Satoyama goodies!

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It’s Cold, But I’ll Keep My Skirt and Tail on, TYVM.

Oh, well hello there, Hello! Project. It’s been quite a while, huh? Honestly, nothing much has been stirring up in the H!P universe; I mean, unless you stalk the members and know every single project they do, there hasn’t been much going on. However, C-ute’s and S/mileage’s profile pictures have been updated. Let’s take a look, shall we?

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And I DON’T want to see you, C-ute.

I love how the exact day after I decide to write a whole post of PVs, C-ute decides to release their new PV -___- Thanks, C-ute. I’ll probably be continuing doing the “half here, half there” posts. I like being able to put a longer opinion and straight-up news in different posts. Anyway, time for the almighty news post~

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Hello! Project have brought their A-game

I’m back from a crazy week in Spain! I would love to visit again–and just a visit. If you have a traditional Puerto Rican family like me(even a Mexican family would fit here, too), or have lived in the United States long enough, you’ll starve in Spain. Seriously, their food is nothing like over here. It was quite the journey to find the most American food possible.

Anyway! The week I was away was the week that Hello! Project decided to throw everything on the table. Not only is there so much to cover, but I’ve never been so happy for an H!P group other than Berryz. Let me start with the best, folks.

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The K-pop Round Up: February 2012

Hello, my k-netizens! My blog, for the longest, has been J-pop orientated–even more-so Hello! Project. H!P was the thing that got me into J-pop and I feel as though H!P news is the easiest to find the past few years–what lacks is some good opinions, which is why I created this blog. Even though there are big J-pop orientated websites that cover popular artists like Hamasaki, NEWS, etc. etc., I feel like they focus on a much broader stage rather than the artists’ music–which is crap I don’t really give a shit about half the time. On a different note, I’ve been much more involved in different Korean artists and am always broadening my listening range(sometimes). Plus, I’ve always wanted to expand my demographic of readers to K-pop lovers, being a K-pop lover myself. So, enough of this rambling and let me get down to business.

Instead of going crazy keeping up with billions of debut groups in one week, I’m going to wrap up everything that happened in the past month in one post. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s already the first few days of March but IDGAF! Now, I most likely won’t be going track-by-track through all the albums/mini-albums, but I’ll definitely be commenting on the promotional videos. I might not fit in every single new release of the month because it might not appeal to me very much, but I will try my best to fit as much as I can! Come aboard with me on this bumpy, long, time-consuming ride called The K-pop Round Up! :D

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Nuns, Hunters, and Summertime?

Nothing super new has been announced, but upcoming releases have some updates. Let’s begin~

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Quality Over Quantity

It’s been a while since I last posted an update on our chicas in Hello! Project. All of the groups have been very active and there are plenty of upcoming releases. Ready? Let’s go!

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