Be a Nice Guy, Got It?

I’ve been neglecting the Hello! Project universe lately, and I know it. They just haven’t been interesting me lately. Berryz is stale at the moment, Juice=Juice are confusing me with S/mileage, and C-ute… well, C-ute is C-ute, hit or miss majority of the time. Morning Musume have really been the only likable act lately, and I still can’t really devote myself to their music because of how cringe-worthy their vocals are. But hey, S/mileage are set to release something soon, so maybe they’ll help H!P’s stagnant state right now?

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Freshly Squeezed

Tsunku has been a busy, busy man. Gettin’ those videos up, namin’ names. Y’know, the usual. So let’s see what Tsunku has cooked up–or I should say squeezed–for us in this past week.


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Is Hello! Project Getting Better at These PVs?

More Satoyama goodies!

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It’s Cold, But I’ll Keep My Skirt and Tail on, TYVM.

Oh, well hello there, Hello! Project. It’s been quite a while, huh? Honestly, nothing much has been stirring up in the H!P universe; I mean, unless you stalk the members and know every single project they do, there hasn’t been much going on. However, C-ute’s and S/mileage’s profile pictures have been updated. Let’s take a look, shall we?

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Take a chance with some new graphic designers. Please?

Hello! Project has been spitting out releases like clockwork. An amazing summer should lead to a promising autumn, right? It might be a little too early to determine, but you can decide. Here’s a look at the upcoming H!P releases.

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My 2012 Hello! Project Ranking

Remember when Hello! Blog used to do those annual Hello! Project rankings? Well, the blog admin there, Paul, hasn’t done one of those in 2 years. So last year, I took it upon myself to make one in the summer, before Ai Takahashi had left but without including her in the ranking.

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And I DON’T want to see you, C-ute.

I love how the exact day after I decide to write a whole post of PVs, C-ute decides to release their new PV -___- Thanks, C-ute. I’ll probably be continuing doing the “half here, half there” posts. I like being able to put a longer opinion and straight-up news in different posts. Anyway, time for the almighty news post~

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A couple downsides can’t bring down my pride for H!P this summer.

I feel like I haven’t written in a month. Now that the Olympics are over, I have nothing to do until the regular football season starts. Oh wait… Summer work and school… Crap. Anyway! I’ll be doing my usual news post a little different than usual. Instead of jamming all of the news plus my opinion–which is usually a little long–into one post, I’m going to separate it a bit. In this post, I’ll add the newest PVs and review them. That way, I won’t have to do too much in the news post. So! Let’s move right along, shall we?

Sprinkled on top of the Berryz Koubou cover single is Momoko’s original song entitled, Momochi! Yurushite Nyan♡Taisou. Of course, with it being Momoko’s solo song at all, people are automatically hating on it. “Oh my god, why does SHE have to have a solo??” “Oh my god, she’s SOOO annoying!” “Oh my god, shut up, Momoko!”


People have yet to realize that Momoko’s super kawaii character is for the enjoyment of her fans and for people that aren’t so close-minded about it. Yes, I can understand that it could get annoying, but please realize that she isn’t really like that. Have you noticed she’s started to adopt this character only within the past year or two? I find it very entertaining. Obviously, no person enjoys staring at themselves in the mirror 24/7. It’s something she does to get the lulz. I’m not saying that you can’t have legitimate reasons to dislike Momoko(“I’m not fond of her singing voice.” “I don’t think she’s a very interesting member.”), but stupid shit that has to do with her personality or looks(“She’s super annoying!” “She’s not cute!” “She’s full of herself!”), just stop. Nobody complains about Sayumi always saying “I’m so cute!” or “I’m the cutest of them all!” So don’t say anything about Momoko. A role she’s basically paid to play.

ANYWAY. Enough of my angry rant. I should probably get into the video. And I must say, WHAT THE FUCK? Why does it look like she filmed it on her iPhone? It makes me angry how poorly done this was compared to the rest of the Berryz single. I mean, even if you wanted to just stick her in front of a white background, why not litter the floor with some cute pillows or something? Like a Kyary video or something. Come on! It looks so plain and boring. On top of that, they have her floating in some hearts every now and again. Ugh. It’s just so bad.

The song isn’t all the bad. If I’m in a super genki mood, I’d probably turn it on just to fool around. Plus, the dance is easy enough to learn. Why not try? Teehee. Even though Momoko is doing her whole cute act, her voice sounds very mature and it is especially noticeable during the end “!” parts. I’m happy she didn’t use that forced, shrill voice that she does sometimes.

The one thing that really got to me about this video was the very end. Momoko has this exasperated look, as if she’s completely sick of something. It looks legitimate–not something that was planned. I really wonder why she did that and why the editing team didn’t cut that part short.

I really didn’t expect three Berryz MVs in one single–but I am so glad there is. It gives the single so much more to offer. And with Hello! Project actually doing work this summer, it’s more to love.

Loving you Too much is the b-side to Berryz Koubou’s 29th single, cha cha SING. Aaaand.. I love it.

The video looks it was filmed on cameras tied to the girls’ hips. It’s pretty cool, actually. It’s such a nice change from the usual stand-in-front-of-the-camera nonsense. Unfortunately, as soon as the music starts, we get a glimpse of the wild beast that is Risako’s hair.


It looks like she tried to dye her blonde hair a different color and it just came out as a purplish-gray disaster! I don’t understand! Why didn’t you leave your hair blonde, girl?? It looked so good! On top of that, the way her hair is styled makes it even worse. It’s way too puffy and all over the place to be cute. Also, her makeup is terrible. *cries*

Moving right along. The rest of the girls look phenomenal. I absolutely adore everyone’s outfits.  I literally want to steal at least one piece of clothing off of each of them .They’re so fluorescent and bright and happy. It matches the upbeat song so well. I wish I could switch up some of their hairstyles, but that’s forgivable.

And what is this?? MIYASAKI RAPPING?? This is a dream come true. I think Miyabi and Saki are adorable together and now that they’re rapping–dream team forever.

I love that this video has quite a bit of focus on Miyabi; I’m starting to gain a lot more love for her than I used to have. She’s been interesting me a lot more lately.

So to conclude, I absolutely love this video and song. I love cha cha SING a lot, but I must say, I think I find Loving you Too much a lot more repeatable. The PV is so enjoyable to watch and is such a breath of fresh air. I love its lighting effects and cute camera movement. I think it’s probably one of the best PVs Hello! Project has released this year.

S/mileage’s upcoming single, Suki yo, Junjou Hankouki, is above.

The effects at the beginning of the video made me think there was something wrong with my computer. Eh. But I kind of like them. They add a bit of pizzazz to otherwise plain shots of the girls.

Strange enough, I also like those still shots where they are just looking off in a general direction and look like dolls. However, the lighting in the next shots screw it up. I hate how bright it looks during the close-ups. It just seems so out-of-place and blinding. And what’s up with the close-ups of the girls’ lips? They look really weird considering they flash for a millisecond and have nothing to do with anything.

I also noticed that Kana is almost never shown. There is all this unneeded attention on Meimi when at least half of that could go to Kana. I almost forgot who she was. When she got her one solo line, I actually asked myself, “Who the hell is that?” Thankfully, I’m glad with how many times I got to see Akari. I think she’s become my favorite among the new members.

Besides the obvious set backs of the video, it isn’t that bad. Additionally, I love the setting of the dance. I love how big and spacious it looks. Behind them, you can see flashing colors as well, which adds a nice touch.

The song is okay. I can’t say I like it very much, but it might eventually grow on me. I’m kind of getting tired of the overused euro beat by S/mileage and something really needs to change when it comes to that aspect.  The girls also sound very strained in this song, even Akari–I believe she has the best voice out of all of them(Rina, a close second). So that’s a definite downside of the song.

Definitely not bad, but not the best by S/mileage.

Above is the PV to Never gonna stop!, a track on Buono!’s upcoming mini-album, SHERBET.

We all thought that this song was going to become a single, but Buono! tricked us. Oh, you silly girls, you. They decided that becoming a track on a mini-album would be the best way to mess up their fans’ minds.

The video starts out with Airi, Momoko, and Miyabi jumping around in a room filled with giant dominoes. Can I also say how ADORABLE THEY ALL LOOK? The super cute pale colors are matched perfectly with the frills and ruffles of their outfits. I love, love, love the way Airi’s hair is styled. Horn-buns seem to be Hello! Project’s bias this year. And look, guys! No Momo twin tails! Are you done complaining yet!?

They sit in a room looking at some silly pop-out children’s books(at least, that’s what it looks like). How the hell do they make something so simple look like so much damn fun?

Goddamn, I haven’t seen Momo’s hair down in what feels like years. I miss it!

Also, is it just me, or does Momo seem a little disconnected? I feel like she’s there, but her mind isn’t in it.

Anyway, does Miyabi understand that she needs an arch in her eyebrows? They’re supposed to go from thick to thinner, too. I feel like she just draws a straight line with a marker. It’s too obvious.

I love how it looks like Momoko shouts out, “Shiitt!” at 1:30 x’D

Hey, look! Jenga! Anyone have any flashbacks of Gachinko de Ikou?

At one point, they all pile their hands on top of each other. Momoko tries to slap their hands down but misses. You slowpoke!

Next, they eat some pizza(that’s what it is, right?). But, there’s no way they could’ve eaten all of that by themselves! No way.

Towards the end of the video, the girls look through a photo album which seems to include pictures from their recent trip to Paris. Some footage from the trip plays, which warms my heart. It makes me reminisce about the AnimeNEXT performance. It looks like there were sooo many people there. I’m happy for you, France!

The video ends with the girls sleeping. I would’ve loved to see Momoko leaning on Miyabi rather than Airi. Those two are such clowns together, it’s so cute.

Overall, another great PV by Buono!. They all look so beyond adorable. It’s so nice to see them all just having good, clean fun. I do like the song; however, the one thing I really don’t like is the way they sing. I’m not sure what they were experimenting but it sounds like something mixed by cover artists on YouTube. Not only that, but I feel like their voices are two octaves too low. But in the end, this is a great PV and song. The Paris footage was a great touch. Good job, Buono!

Hello! Project have brought their A-game

I’m back from a crazy week in Spain! I would love to visit again–and just a visit. If you have a traditional Puerto Rican family like me(even a Mexican family would fit here, too), or have lived in the United States long enough, you’ll starve in Spain. Seriously, their food is nothing like over here. It was quite the journey to find the most American food possible.

Anyway! The week I was away was the week that Hello! Project decided to throw everything on the table. Not only is there so much to cover, but I’ve never been so happy for an H!P group other than Berryz. Let me start with the best, folks.

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Damn you, idiots.

Unfortunately, WordPress decided not to save an almost finished draft of this post and verizon thought it’d be clever to muck up my Internet for what felt like weeks–which are the reasons why I haven’t posted about our Hello! Project chicas in a while. Well, reluctantly, I fought the urge to shoot an innocent passerby and got off my ass and retyped the shit. Damn you, idiots. Damn you.

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