Top! Series – Favorite Female K-pop Groups/Artists [Part XII]

Oh. My. God. It has literally been almost a year since I posted a Top! Series post @__@ That makes me sad. That should make you sad, too. But no worries, my friends! Today, I will be posting the twelfth edition of Top! Series! Here you have my Favorite Female K-pop Groups & Artists…of all time~!

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Top 10 Favorite K-pop Songs of 2011

K-pop has been on the rise lately. I try my best to be a faithful fan, although you won’t see me around any forums or I can’t really indulge into the fan universe of K-pop–the hardcore fanbase isn’t really, well…nice. So, because of this, most of the time I’m fairly late on certain releases–even for the artists I really love. Like I promised, today I will be going through my top 10 favorite K-pop songs of 2011!

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