Wait… Kasai?

My long, most dreadful last school-week before the holidays is finally over. I can finally go back to normalcy(or something close to it). Unfortunately for me, this week has also been filled with some valuable information all over the idoldom. Starting with which is the graduation of Tomomi Kasai. Let’s just say I wasn’t the only one scratching my head.

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The Worst News I’ve Heard Since the C-ute Deterioration

You may have already seen it in many places already–Hello! Online being a major place.

Tsunku has announced that Eri Kamei, Jun Jun, and Linlin will be graduating from Morning Musume.

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Koharu Kusumi to Graduate



I mean, I never really liked Koharu in the first place but…I really didn’t expect this. She was one of the most liked Morning Musumes, even though she couldn’t sing. This just really struck me off guard. I wouldn’t think she would graduate for like another 2-3 years. She’s only generation 7…

Her goodbyes:
Thank you for all the continuous support. After being a member of Morning Musume for 4 years 4 months, I will be graduating at the concert at Tokyo Welfare Pension Hall from Morning Musume and Hello! Project.
Then I will take the challenge at one of my dream jobs, modeling.
In the past, I was performing as a member of Morning Musume, but in the future, I wish to work as Kusumi Koharu, going to the direction of all my dreams and all the things I want to achieve.
Please support me.

Well, the only thing I’m pretty happy about is that she won’t be opening her mouth anymore to sing. She’ll be going into modeling, which I guess is pretty good because she’s photogenic. The last date we’ll see her is December 6, 2009. In the very end, this isn’t the last time we’ll see Koharu.
And there goes Morning Musume’s 2-year no-change-in-lineup…

End. So today, I was going to post a review but this was pretty big. And like no blogs had this out yet so I wanted to be one of the first ones. I’ll still post the review, but later tonight. Best of luck to Koharu. Till then ~Kio.