The K-pop Round Up: January & February 2014

Wait, what month is it? Oh yeah, April. Honestly, January and February were filled with some really… mentionable releases. Whether they were really good or really bad, almost every song on this list had to be mentioned for one reason or another. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity and let 2014’s start K-pop music fly by! Enjoy the joint January and February edition of The K-pop Round Up!

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Sexy, Sleazy, or… Something Else?

Ever since the turn of the year, there has been an uproar among the K-pop net-fandom(as there always is). A plethora of girl groups have deemed it fit to comeback with overly suggestive and sexual manifestations. Skin-tight black outfits are now the trend, my friend. But, the question(s) here is(are), what’s so wrong about it? If it’s just a trend, is the internet just being overly sensitive about it or is there really a problem here?


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The K-pop Round Up: February & March 2013

As you probably could already tell, I had to take a bit of a break from writing during March & April. The months have brought about a hideous amount of work and little time for my online deals. But! This means a special edition of The K-pop Round Up! See that title? Nope, you’re not hallucinating. This is the first time I’ll be combining two months in one edition! That calls for quite a bit of writing. Can you handle all the K-pop!?

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The K-pop Round Up: October 2012

After a glorious presidential win of Obama, I’m a frickin’ happy camper. But it’s time to get back to business on this 5-day weekend. October was a month filled with those we haven’t heard from for a little while. It’s time to cook us up some kimchi and hope it doesn’t burn. Let’s start The K-pop Round Up October 2012 edition!

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The K-pop Round Up: April 2012

Welcome, welcome! Here is the third installment of The K-pop Round Up! My lovely series where I dive into the musical ocean of K-pop and tell you how the water feels. This time, it’s April–which was a month full of comebacks and fallbacks. So, without further ado, let’s get this started! (AND NO, I WILL NOT BEING REVIEWING TAETISEO! *BARF*)

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