Poll Results #5

Three weeks have gone by, whoops. Anyway! Time for the 5th poll results of 2013! I asked my readers…

What is Mano most likely to do when she graduates?

Mano 2013

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The Blossomed Idol

On February 23rd, 2013, Erina Mano graduated from Hello! Project. Maimi Yajima and Momoko Tsugunaga paid a visit to read their goodbye messages and send the soloist off on her way.

Erina Mano Graduation Concert

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Anticipating These Albums and Photobooks…

It’s finally time for the big, hearty update for our girls at Hello! Pro! The week starts out strong for Morning Musume, even though I’m not all that impressed by the early releases of 2013…

Morning Musume Help me!! Jan. 22, 2013

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Hello! Project 2012 Single of the Year

Time for a new end-of-the-year series! Just as the title suggests, I’ll be choosing the best single released by Hello! Project this year. Considering H!P is an umbrella, I’ll first be hand-selecting 5 top contenders and choosing the victor from those. Ready to begin?

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Top 10 Favorite J-pop Songs of 2012

Happy Holidays to anyone who reads this blog! Teehee. I hope you all spent plenty of time with your family, partied hard with your friends, and spent all of your Christmas bonus! It’s what the holidays are all about, amirite? Well, it’s time to get all those enjoyable end-of-the-year posts out of the way(you know you love ’em!)!

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Is Hello! Project Getting Better at These PVs?

More Satoyama goodies!

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Hello! Project Ready for Fall and Winter Success

Finally, the SATOYAMA movement groups are releasing their music videos! On top of that, Berryz goodness and the new S/mileage video. Let’s just take a look-see, shall we?

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Take a chance with some new graphic designers. Please?

Hello! Project has been spitting out releases like clockwork. An amazing summer should lead to a promising autumn, right? It might be a little too early to determine, but you can decide. Here’s a look at the upcoming H!P releases.

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My 2012 Hello! Project Ranking

Remember when Hello! Blog used to do those annual Hello! Project rankings? Well, the blog admin there, Paul, hasn’t done one of those in 2 years. So last year, I took it upon myself to make one in the summer, before Ai Takahashi had left but without including her in the ranking.

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