One More Time?

Morning Musume Generation 12 Golden Audition


I’m surprised Tsunku has decided to try again while he’s on hiatus…

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So, what I miss?

The past four months have not only been dreadful, boring, and sad, but… Well, actually, that just about sums it up. It’s been quite rough not being able to blog. I could barely keep up with any of my Asian music since the only Internet I had was on my phone and my phone is pretty old–in other words, it was close to impossible to stay informed. But finally, after 4 months and twelve days, I can get back into my blogging game and appreciate every moment I have with my Asian beauties!

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Tsunku is just full of surprises, isn’t he?

I was REALLY not expecting to write about this, but Tsunku has decided that he will NOT allow me to talk about anything else but Hello! Project today. What will I be talking about today, folks? Morning Musume’s 11th generation winner!

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Morning Musume Turning Over a New Leaf

So much has happened in Morning Musume within just the last few days. Along with Aika and Risa’s graduation this past Friday, we also have news about auditions and an upcoming single. Without further ado, let’s begin on Morning Musume’s new start. (click title)

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ManoEri Covers, S/mileage Preview, Berry Superheroes, & 9ki MoMusu Finalists

Here’s a quick update for the upcoming Hello! Pro releases and finally the finalists of Morning Musume’s 9th gen! I’m far from excited for all of this to be honest, though…


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