Aki-P Loves Riling Up The Fans

Recently, the 5th AKB48 general election was announced. This is same old, same old if you’ve been a fan of AKB48 for a little while. However, Aki-P decided to throw in a twist that sent some fans spiraling out of control…

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Cat’s Fail Plus Some Tears

Two PVs have recently been released. One is Hello! Pro and the other is of AKB48. Each interest me equally.

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The Ultimate Profiling #1: AKB48

Here is the series that I’ve been planning for quite some time. The Ultimate Profiling will be a large article I post about a specific group or artist. They could be females or males, together or disbanded, j-pop or k-pop, whatever! I’m going to give you background information about them, give my opinion about them, elaborate on their members, and maybe talk about my favorite song by them. It’s going to be a lengthy read, so make sure to get yourself ready :] The first artist I’m going to talk about iiiiiiiissss….. AKB48!! Everyone knows who AKB is and they made headlines with their single, Beginner. Enjoy!

Artist: AKB48

Years Active: 2005 – present

Members: 48 members spread across 3 teams(A, K, B) of 16 members each

Label: King Records

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