Having Fun Now Forbidden in Korea (Only Dictated by Westerners)

I have to–no, I MUST–blow the dust off my keyboard to knock some sense into the fools of the internet who insist that K-pop is the holy grail of all music and that Psy is some Illuminati warrior set out to destroy their blissful ideals of how K-pop is “supposed” to be.

As you can probably already tell, I’m fuming.

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My Favorite Posts of 2012

This wasn’t originally planned but, for whatever reason, it dawned on me to do this, and I can’t shake the feeling. I’ve decided to gather up some of my personal posts from 2012 and throw them into one huge article! I figure this will help me understand what I’m good at writing about, what I could work on, and what interests me the most. So, without further ado, let’s dive back into the year of 2012 here at Love’s Spell!

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Psy’s Popularity: How Much Longer Will It Last?

For whatever reason, I had a dream the other night starring Psy. I saw him on the VMA’s and it got me thinking: when will everyone get tired of him? Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally digging Psy and his fame around the world–it’s absolutely amazing. But when I saw an article stating that Psy had signed with international management, I was quite surprised. What was the reason behind it? Was there sincerity at all behind the decision? Was it done only because of Gangnam Style‘s popularity?

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