Top 10 Favorite K-pop Songs of 2013

This year’s K-pop list was rather short compared to other years. It might have been because I missed nearly half of the year. Either way, I had to narrow the good K-pop to ten(well, thirteen in all) songs for my Top 10 Favorite K-pop Songs of 2013! Let’s begin!

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The K-pop Round Up: February & March 2013

As you probably could already tell, I had to take a bit of a break from writing during March & April. The months have brought about a hideous amount of work and little time for my online deals. But! This means a special edition of The K-pop Round Up! See that title? Nope, you’re not hallucinating. This is the first time I’ll be combining two months in one edition! That calls for quite a bit of writing. Can you handle all the K-pop!?

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The K-pop Round Up: May 2012

Oh, hey there. It’s almost July isn’t it? Whoops. @___@ Either way, welcome to the May edition of The K-pop Round Up! It was a month of Indie releases and a couple mainstream whores. So, let’s get started, right?

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