The K-pop Round Up: October 2013

September 2013 was the worst K-pop month in the world. There was literally nothing going on! But this month is filled with hearty comebacks and artists that make my mouth water. Welcome to the October 2013 edition of The K-pop Round Up!

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Top 10 Favorite K-pop Songs of 2012

Back so soon? Yesterday, I brought to you my favorite J-pop songs of 2012. Today, I’ll be bringing you the K-pop counterpart. Last year, my list was definite and I had no doubts doing it. However, this year I gathered a total of 30 songs altogether that I enjoyed! I was sure I was going to explode making this list. But here it is, my Top 10 Favorite K-pop Songs of 2012.

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The K-pop Round Up: October 2012

After a glorious presidential win of Obama, I’m a frickin’ happy camper. But it’s time to get back to business on this 5-day weekend. October was a month filled with those we haven’t heard from for a little while. It’s time to cook us up some kimchi and hope it doesn’t burn. Let’s start The K-pop Round Up October 2012 edition!

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Top! Series – Favorite Male K-pop Groups/Artists [Part XIII]

Welcome back to another edition of Top! Series! Last week, I explained my favorite female K-pop groups and artists. This week, I bring you the male counterpart! This edition might not be as lengthy, but it’s definitely worth your time~ Here you have, my Favorite Male K-pop Groups/Artists!

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The K-pop Round Up: February 2012

Hello, my k-netizens! My blog, for the longest, has been J-pop orientated–even more-so Hello! Project. H!P was the thing that got me into J-pop and I feel as though H!P news is the easiest to find the past few years–what lacks is some good opinions, which is why I created this blog. Even though there are big J-pop orientated websites that cover popular artists like Hamasaki, NEWS, etc. etc., I feel like they focus on a much broader stage rather than the artists’ music–which is crap I don’t really give a shit about half the time. On a different note, I’ve been much more involved in different Korean artists and am always broadening my listening range(sometimes). Plus, I’ve always wanted to expand my demographic of readers to K-pop lovers, being a K-pop lover myself. So, enough of this rambling and let me get down to business.

Instead of going crazy keeping up with billions of debut groups in one week, I’m going to wrap up everything that happened in the past month in one post. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s already the first few days of March but IDGAF! Now, I most likely won’t be going track-by-track through all the albums/mini-albums, but I’ll definitely be commenting on the promotional videos. I might not fit in every single new release of the month because it might not appeal to me very much, but I will try my best to fit as much as I can! Come aboard with me on this bumpy, long, time-consuming ride called The K-pop Round Up! :D

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