Berryz Koubou’s Indefinite Hiatus

It has been announced that Berryz Koubou will go on an indefinite hiatus at the start of spring 2015. Tsunku states that it has been something that has thoroughly been discussed with the members and this is the outcome. Anyone who has frequented my blog knows that Berryz Koubou is my favorite Hello! Project group, as well as the artist that truly introduced me to Asian pop 8 years ago.


I’m most certainly heartbroken. Even though they say this is a hiatus, we all are sure it is just about the end. And I’m most definitely upset. Majority of us bloggers figured the time would be coming soon; 10 years really is a long time to be an idol. All of the members are adults now(last of which was Risako) and Saki is pushing 23. They’ve all come so far in their careers and grown so much as people, I guess it really is time to move on.

I loved being able to grow along with them in the 8 years of my fandom. I was just a pre-pubescent kid when I discovered them. Now I’m an adult myself and I still hold them so very near to my heart. Without them, I probably wouldn’t have been as involved and immersed into the universe of Idol Pop, and blogging, and fangirling, especially. Each of the girls have had their own special spark that’s given the group its quirks. Each of them has made Berryz Koubou what it is today, and it wouldn’t be the same if any of them had left.


That’s the thing that’s always resonated with me about these girls. All of them have been here since the beginning. They’ve all been able to stick through a rollercoaster of 10 years. I find them all so brave and strong to keep up with this pristine, perfect appearance for so long. It’s most likely been a rough and rocky ride dealing with the stresses of being a growing girl on stage. No idol(except maybe Sayumi) can really say she’s been an idol for most of her life.

I can say I’ll have no regrets as the girls eventually walk away from the group. I was able to see my idols in person those years ago and it probably the best couple days of my life. I’m happy I was able to watch them perform before they ended, even if they don’t really want to call it the end right now.


Even though I’m terribly distraught, I’ll see the brighter side. Maybe they’ll come back to America one last time. Maybe they’ll release even after their hiatus, just more sparsely. Maybe a couple will continue to go on within Hello! Project. Maybe they’ll all just move to America so I can see them whenever I’d like!

Well, we all can agree on the same thing: It’s for the best that the group moves on.

Thanks for stickin’ around, Berryz Koubou.




One thought on “Berryz Koubou’s Indefinite Hiatus

  1. Never got to see them perform (and probably will never get to see another H!P idol too) but I guess we all saw it coming with their latest single plus H!P Kids (both groups) have never had a huge impact on the industry and have just sold alright imo.

    I just wish them the best in the future. Hiatus is what they did with Melon Kinebi and Country+Coconuts Musume so I think we know how this might end.

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