Having Fun Now Forbidden in Korea (Only Dictated by Westerners)

I have to–no, I MUST–blow the dust off my keyboard to knock some sense into the fools of the internet who insist that K-pop is the holy grail of all music and that Psy is some Illuminati warrior set out to destroy their blissful ideals of how K-pop is “supposed” to be.

As you can probably already tell, I’m fuming.

Please. Can somebody please tell me where or when Psy was ever considered or has ever considered himself a hardcore, no-nonsense artist?


Oh, that’s right. Never.

So, why is it that everyone is taking this video and song so much more seriously than it’s meant to be? Psy has clearly been a guy for the lulz since he started becoming a thing, and he’s been milking that all the way through. Suddenly, SHINee and SNSD fans alike are whining about how this song is “the reason why they don’t listen to Western music,” and blockhead Westerners are spewing how bad the song is and how Snoop Dogg is an idiot for even featuring himself on the track. Morons.

You know, let me start with the assholes who are trying to make their reasons for getting into K-pop more valid by stating how offensive Western pop music is. You know damn well you came across K-pop through some drama you were watching or decided to convert from J-pop to K-pop or you just found it and liked it. Don’t go into some holier-than-thou tangent about how Western music is so offensive to your life that you just HAD to listen to Asian music. It’s all bullshit. I mean, it is true to an extent; there are plenty of mainstream pop songs glorifying drinking, smoking, and having sex. I get it, some people don’t like that, myself included. But that isn’t the ONLY REASON I(as well as many others) decided to listen to Asian music full-time. Now, Psy is clumped with that Western music stereotype because his song is about drinking–a perfectly normal social activity. Sure, some of us might not agree with it, but that doesn’t invalidate its standing in Korean society. South Korea is not some utopia where every guy is a flower boy and every girl is a perfect mongoloid goddess and no illegal activity nor social gatherings that others may not agree with ever happens. These things are normal and there’s nothing wrong with letting loose once or twice.

And since when are Koreans sex/drug/alcohol-free in their music anyway?

Is it because these are big names, so no one bats an eye? Oh wait, it’s because 85% OF FOREIGNERS WHO LISTEN TO K-POP MUSIC DON’T KNOW A DAMN THING THEY’RE SAYING. So, since drinking is featured in the video and the word “hangover” is in the lyrics, everyone loses their minds. I’m sorry, is K-pop still to “Western” for you? Maybe you should try J-pop. I hear AKB48 sings about nothing but the blue sky and the green grass. Try that! Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit excuse.

So what about the nonsense about the song being terrible, Snoop Dogg is an idiot, 15 minutes of fame are up, etc. etc.?

More bullshit.

Hangover is a terrible song, huh? Crap, I guess I forgot about how Gangnam Style and Gentlemen were musical and lyrical genius! That’s right–they never were. They were both some silly songs that, of course, had some sort of meaning, but weren’t exactly meant to move listeners to tears. It’s clearly all satirical!

“Psy’s 15 minutes of fame are up!” Wow, you’re a fast one! No kidding! Psy is no idiot and I think he understands that he’s just going to be that one-hit wonder across the globe. But does that mean he’s supposed to just give up making music forever? He’s clearly having fun making stupid songs and dancing around like a maniac. And did anyone notice how despite being a “one-hit wonder,” he’s still managed to rack up over 40 million views in less than a few days? This comment seems to nicely sum up a lot:

Bam. You’re all putty in his hands. And he’s having fun doing it.

Oh yeah, and about Snoop Dogg.

He can do whatever the fuck he wants. Seriously, the dude has been alive for over 40 years and people on the Internet think that they can get a say in what projects he incorporates himself into. He’s a grown ass man. He knows what is gonna get him money. He knows what is a stupid or smart business move. He’s already made a name for himself so people aren’t just gonna be like, “Oh, the black guy in Psy’s video.” Everyone knows who Snoop Dogg is. And guess what? Those millions of views just made him plenty of stacks of cash.

I just can’t with some of these reactions to this video. It’s meant to be funny. It’s meant to be tongue-in-cheek. He’s having fun, as well as Snoop Dogg. They’re both getting paid because idiots like those mentioned above are doing the exact opposite of what is meant to be done: taking him too seriously.

Don’t call it a comeback. I just wanted to get some sucker punches in. See you all later~


3 thoughts on “Having Fun Now Forbidden in Korea (Only Dictated by Westerners)

  1. Hello. Wow…tough crowd. I never took PSY all that serious from the beginning. I don’t think Psy takes himself seriously either. It was only a matter of time until an American artist, like Snoop Dogg, to join in the Kpop wave. They’ll be others soon.

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  3. I’m glad someone sees how terrible it is. PSY is ok but I don’t think he’s destroying what Kpop is supposed to be more like how non-Kpop fans will see it.

    Oh well.

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