One More Time?

Morning Musume Generation 12 Golden Audition


I’m surprised Tsunku has decided to try again while he’s on hiatus…

Check the website out here.

It looks like Tsunku’s trying to get a quick start. Entitled the Golden Audition due to the group’s recent Oricon weekly triumphs, entries for 12th generation will be accepted from today until May 11, 2014. As usual, the age range will be from 10 years old to 17 years old. The catch here is that the girls will not be debuting until 2015. The winners will be trained for some time before their official debut the following year. I’m assuming that Tsunku is trying to keep each year as organized as possible. I wonder if he’ll try getting girls to wait to graduate until the end of the year…

Here is Tsunku’s statement.

I hope that Tsunku makes it out of treatment in time to be able to judge all the participants.

6 thoughts on “One More Time?

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  3. Yo Kioku, hope you are well! We should be expecting this. Since they cancelled last year’s one (which seemed like a waste), it would be good to have a new addition or two to the group. I’m still waiting for a 2-nin generation. Also praying no member graduates anytime soon except Sayumi of course.

    • I think a 2-nin generation would be perfect right now. We don’t need an overload of new members since the younger generations are still fairly fresh.

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