Fans Can Be Scary…

I recently read the article on arama about Utada and her fiance releasing statements about their marriage. I was near tears towards the end. I can’t mention enough how happy I am to see another human being so in love and ready to start another chapter in her life. To me, it’s a beautiful thing to watch something so precious manifest to someone I’ve admired for so long.

I’m still a bit worried about something, though.


Queen Hikki mentioned the rumors that Italian fans were going to stalk her wedding on a tour bus. She politely asked fans and press to stay away from her wedding, as it’d be respectful to her and her family. This is true. Why would anyone want a group of crazies fooling around their wedding?

I get it, fans get excited around their idol. Trust me, if I had known when and where Berryz Koubou went when they came to New Jersey in 2012, I might have thought about searching for them. It’s natural. However, there does come a point where it becomes creepy. There’s a fine line between flattery and stalking. In areas where celebrities expect to be the safest and most secluded are the areas that fans shouldn’t be in. Fans shouldn’t be creeping outside hotel rooms or following celebrities in the bathroom or camping outside of Hikki’s wedding. Okay, I might be talking about those sasaeng fans, but you get the point.

All of us need to take the responsibility and give our beloved idols space. I don’t expect it from anyone–which is why I was so surprised during Berryz Koubou’s AnimeNEXT visit; when the girls passed by the line to get into the Q&A, all of the fans created a perfect line with plenty of space by themselves. I do hope that fans realize some of their possibly creepy ideas and not disrupt the personal lives of our idols and celebrities. Hikki fans, let’s all comply with Hikki and her husband’s wishes and keep our distance from their wedding.

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