Too Much Weed

What could possibly be another explanation for Berryz Koubou’s choreography for the past, like, year?

To commemorate(or, possibly, shame…) today’s release(in Japan) of Berryz Koubou’s latest double A-side, Otona na no yo! / 1-oku 3-senman Sou Diet Oukoku, let’s take a moment to dissect this interesting single.

Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap. What is this? DO YOU SEE IT? I see it. You know what it’s called!? EFFORT!

It’s true, the video is a bit of a glorified dance shot. But honestly, for a glorified dance shot, it’s pretty damn interesting to watch. What I totally love about this video is the cinematography. Cinematography is the one thing that can make a fairly simple video look like the most high budgeted piece of art in the world. Just think about it. The video is majority dancing in one concentrated area, but the editors utilized camera angles, color balance, and screen editing(like the blurs) to give the video more pizzazz and oomph. In addition to that, the close-ups feature the girls hugging mannequins and admiring perfumes. Although, the perfume part is a little awkward, it has good purpose. When a girl puts on perfume, she feels new and rejuvenated. It’s almost like a rebirth. The scenes with the girls and their perfumes are the perfect ways to describe their new lives as adults. Not to mention, the LED lights and the mannequins are just awesome touches themselves.

When we move onto the outfits, it’s clear that it’s a little messy. A couple are rather casual, a couple are overdone, and a couple are just confusing. What the hell is going on with Risako and Miyabi? It looks like they just threw a bunch of piece on them and called it a day. Miyabi’s outfit doesn’t look bad by itself, but what is up with the hair and hairpiece? It’s so unnecessary and doesn’t look right at all. And Risako. Why. The dress itself isn’t bad, but why is it so overstyled? She looks like a grandma going to a tea party. It’s just not okay. Momoko’s dress was clearly bought in the kids’ section. Really, what is “adult” about that dress? Maasa’s clothing just drapes over her, which makes her look bigger than usual–oh, and don’t forget her sub-par haircut. Chinami looks alright, but the multi-color look doesn’t blend right with the sultry, dark look of the video. Yurina and Saki are definitely the best dressed. Saki has a super chic outfit with perfect colors. Yurina wears a perfect office-chic look and seamlessly melts into the video’s dynamic. However, if you pay attention, you’ll notice her bra straps falling in so many shots.

It’s this sort of choreography that shows how lazy Berryz are when it comes to dancing. Or, they just aren’t very talented in that department. Or… not talented at all. Saki and Miyabi seem like they are the only ones that actually give the choreography justice. I’ve watched the video over and over, analyzing each bit of it and I’ve come to the conclusion that the dance really isn’t all that bad. Sure, there are a few odd moves here and there, but one can make any dance move work as long as she adds attitude to them. Berryz just look like a bunch of tired zombies in this dance…

I love this song. It’s fun, it’s upbeat, but it’s modern and sexy at the same time. It’s not bad at all. It’s one of those Berryz’ songs that comes every so often. It catches you off-guard–but you like it. Berryz does those jazzy, free-feeling songs very well.

Not bad for the first a-side, not bad…

Now, this is where it gets weird…

So, here my friends, we have the Japanese version of a Korean music video! Oddly lit room, strange costumes, flushed out skin, and over-processed song. The only thing this video is missing is over-zealous dancing. Again, this video is a glorified dance shot, however, it doesn’t make much use of the cinematography. Unless you consider turning down the lights of the dance shot cinematography. I don’t. Truly, there’s nothing very dramatic going on in this video. Dance shot here, close-up there. Even the use of camera angles doesn’t help the dead state of the “cinematography.” As for the styling, each girl gets the same “futuristic” costume with slight changes. I would say it’s obvious the Risako is looking the best here. Her slicked back ponytail and bleached eyebrows are a perfect contrast against the busy, messy costume. Again, what is the beef between Miyabi and the hair stylists? Saki’s pigtails are cute, but just make her look way too young. The rest are decent without much oomph.

This choreography is a mess. It looks like the choreographer tried way too hard(read: smoked way too much weed) to emulate a robotic-like dance and just failed miserably. Not even the formations make much sense. Everything is so sloppily put together. If you’re walking, you should be strutting. If you’re sliding, you should be gliding. All these moves are so, so, so boring. Why, why why is this acceptable?

I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve listened to this song on one hand. I’ve tried over and over to figure out just what the hell its problem is. The thing is, I love certain parts and hate certain parts of this song. The koishitai parts bother me, the over-repetitive parts don’t bother me, the onegai parts bother me, but the chorus doesn’t bother me. I can’t understand this song. It’s so messy and all over the place. It’s impossible to feel a coherent flow in this whole thing. It’s a mess. Even the lyrics are confusing. It’s safe to assume that it’s about girls(especially the Japanese) who are constantly dieting and trying to look good for the opposite sex. But then, other lines are thrown in and I get confused. I just don’t get any of this song.


Berryz_Otona_na_Lim_ABerryz_Otona_na_Lim_BBerryz_Otona_na_Lim_CBerryz_Otona_na_Reg_ABerryz_Otona_na_Reg_BHey, at least the covers are actually really nice.

There’s just too much marijuana smoking going on behind the scenes at UFP lately.

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