Hikki gets hickeys?

Yeah, I thought that spelling was wrong at first, too, but according to Google Chrome, it isn’t.


Sometimes, I forget that our idols, singers, and musicians are sexual beings. I sometimes forget that they’re all meant to fall in love, get married, and start a family. I got whiplash when our favorite AKB predator announced her pregnancy. And now, my neck is broken by the fact that Hikaru Utada is set to get married.

Hikki has been with this guy since she visited London, however long ago that was. And holy damn, this dude is pretty young. I don’t want to judge–we have so little details–but I do hope that he’s a mature guy and has all the best intentions. Hikki mentioned her mother, who committed suicide late last year, and stated that her mom was very happy with her relationship before she passed away.

It’s beautiful that Hikaru can find some peace and happiness while mourning at such a tragic time in her life.

Congratulations, Hikki.

I hope you all love my micro-post.

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