I Forgot She Wasn’t Gay

You younger AKB followers might not remember the wonderfully perverted, Meetan, otherwise known as Megumi Ohori. She was a member of AKB48, as well as SDN48. Meetan was older than 100% of her fellow members and had a knack for making her bandmates uncomfortable. Oh yeah, and she was a goddamn sexpot.

Ain't she lovely?

Ain’t she lovely?


She was so inappropriate, it became hard to pinpoint whether she was actually lesbian or just liked fucking around with everyone. Either way, every AKB48 fan loved her. She was pretty, inappropriate, had quite the lungs, inappropriate, always looked like she was having a good time, oh, and did I mention inappropriate? Well, in any case, our perverted queen is now pregnant for her first child. Instinctively, I said to myself, “How!?” I forgot that she got married many months ago in Hawaii to the decade-older Tatsuya Kanazawa, which would prove that she isn’t as gay as we all thought–well, maybe as I thought.


She’s already thirty. I mean, yeah, she turned thirty last year, but… She’s thirty now. I look back and remember how 4-5 years ago, an old friend of mine would show me videos of her and her antics with other members of AKB48. Then I remember being super pumped about that fact that she was going to be in SDN48, and that’s when I quickly jumped on the SDN bandwagon. And then SDN48 was no more and I was just sad inside… Well, what I’m trying to get at is… Time flies. It really does. All of us sit here and worship these girls so much that we start to forget how many years it’s been. We sometimes forget that these girls are regular people and will eventually move on to something bigger and better: themselves. Soon enough, we’ll be hearing dating and pregnancy rumors circling about Mariko. It’s all a matter of time. But this journey, watching these idols grow up and then become their own person, is so special to all of us–and it makes following idols that much worth it.


I wish Meetan all the luck in the world on her pregnancy. I hope everything goes according to plan and her baby pops out healthy by her expectation in June. I wish her happiness and prosperity in her marriage to Tatsuya. She’s such a lovable person. I still find it awesome when former idols find that one person that they eventually settle down with. I can’t help but wonder… Whether boy or girl, will he or she become as perverted as she was?

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