Am I The Only One…

…who is not impressed by Morning Musume’s upcoming single? To celebrate the upcoming release date, I’m going to spend my entire Saturday afternoon explaining my deep-rooted, disappointed frustration with this single. I’m even going to do something I’ve never done: use a boatload of screenshots and gifs! It’s only courteous to show exactly what I’m disappointed of. If you think this single is possibly the greatest thing that Morning Musume has ever released, or like it in even the slightest, I suggest you turn away from this post now. I’m literally going to be ripping this single apart. Or, if you have a shitty Internet connection, I’d say you might not want to click “continue.” I also apologize for the rather crappy gif quality. I use the pathetic Photoshop equivalent, GIMP, and creating gifs on that shit will probably take me decades; so a silly online creator was used. Now that I’ve warned you…

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The K-pop Round Up: November & December 2013

I know it’s horribly late into January, but who cares! You’re never to late to enjoy some delectable K-pop goodness! November was quite a packed month for comebacks, even some more that I didn’t include in here for different reasons. I was able to squeeze December into the post since not much happened. Well, enjoy the jointed November and December edition of The K-pop Round Up!

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I Forgot She Wasn’t Gay

You younger AKB followers might not remember the wonderfully perverted, Meetan, otherwise known as Megumi Ohori. She was a member of AKB48, as well as SDN48. Meetan was older than 100% of her fellow members and had a knack for making her bandmates uncomfortable. Oh yeah, and she was a goddamn sexpot.

Ain't she lovely?

Ain’t she lovely?

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My New Year’s Resolution

I’ve been noticing my drive to write has been diminished lately. I don’t know if it’s because some of my end-of-the-year posts weren’t able to be finished or if I just haven’t had the time. I guess I’ll eventually get over it.

2013 was a bit of a tough year for my blog. I was down for months which halted a lot of my creative flow, however, I was still very excited to get back into it. When it comes to my blog, there’s one resolution I’ve thought of thoroughly: don’t be afraid of short posts. A lot of the time, short = incomplete, in my mind. I’ve always been a very in-depth writer, so when short articles mosey their ugly noses, I’m appalled! I feel as though my thoughts weren’t explained enough or there wasn’t enough detail. However, this year, I’m going to let myself gradually let go of that standard. Sometimes, short and to-the-point is the best way to go with some topics.

What about my real life resolution? Well, considering I suffer from serious anxiety issues, I can get really worked up over situations that are minuscule in another person’s opinion. Panic and anxiety attacks are things I couldn’t even wish upon my worst enemy! With my last year of high school ending and the waiting period for whether or not I’m accepted into the 4 colleges I’ve applied to begins, I need to relax. After the many months of stressing over SATs, college applications, scheduling visits, and just narrowing down my college list, I must allow my mind to chill. I stress far too much–and I just don’t deserve all that. This year, I’m seriously trying to take grasp of my anxiety.

There’s actually one last thing I wanted to mention… This time, it has to do with my blog. This year, I’m seriously considering starting a “Roundtable” for my blog. For those of you who aren’t familiar with that term, a Roundtable is a discussion between many different people on one particular topic. I’d love for any fellow bloggers(and even non-bloggers!) to join in! The topics will vary between different genres and artists–it’s certainly up to you to decide on which ever Roundtable discussion you’d like to participate in. Also, they probably will not be very frequent–I’m thinking maybe 1 or so a month. So, how’s that sound!? If you’re interested, please leave a comment below with an email easily contactable. Or, just send me a quick email at: It’s my personal one so it’s constantly checked!

Here’s to another year under the spell!

~ Kioku

Reader’s Choice: Best of Hello! Project 2013

From November – December, I set up a series of polls that were meant to showcase what you readers loved from Hello! Project in 2013. Now it’s time to share all of those results with you! So, what do you think the fans liked best?

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