Top 10 Favorite K-pop Songs of 2013

This year’s K-pop list was rather short compared to other years. It might have been because I missed nearly half of the year. Either way, I had to narrow the good K-pop to ten(well, thirteen in all) songs for my Top 10 Favorite K-pop Songs of 2013! Let’s begin!

10. Oops! – G.NA (Beautiful Kisses)

G.NA has definitely managed to make a fan out of me. Oops! is a sweet, light-hearted R&B-influenced track off of the Beautiful Kisses mini-album. G.NA is able to take control with her extremely pretty sound. I love how full the song is despite her very soft singing. The track definitely wouldn’t have been able to hold up without the help of BTOB member Jong Il Hoon–he added a great touch, imo. It’s certainly a lovely song.

09. Give It To Me – SISTAR (Give It To Me)

With the best vocals of the year and one of the greatest albums I’ve ever heard, SISTAR definitely brought their A-game with this release. Give It To Me is a modern, high-energy take on a romantic classical sound. It’s a fresh twist to SISTAR’s usually jazz-influenced vibe. Again, be very aware of the absolutely gorgeous vocal performance by the girls. It’s an all-around full, upbeat experience new to the K-pop universe.

G-Dragon - COUP D'ETAT

08. R.O.D (feat. Lydia Paek) – G-DRAGON (COUP D’ETAT)

Along with release the most flawless album of the year, G-Dragon threw in this gem of a track. I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s got a lot of dubstep thrown in while being a straight up hip-hop track. There are many levels and depths to the song, but it all flows really well. Lydia Paek delivers a great English chorus while G-Dragon does his thing rapping. The whole thing is a great package and would be sick to hear on American radio.

07. Blessed – Clazziquai Project (Blessed)

It’d be an understatement to say that Clazziquai didn’t totally blow me out of the water this year. I really didn’t expect what I got. Actually, I didn’t even know what to expect, but I did like what I heard. Blessed is so adorably light-hearted, you could almost call it a ballad. Alex and Horan are the perfect dynamic duo in this track. The song just fills me with all sorts of fuzzy happiness that it’s hard to explain. This song is so perfect.

06. Excuse Me Miss – SHINee (The Misconceptions of Me)

Good lord, SHINee really brought their A-game this year. Back-to-back amazing releases is not an easy feat, but these boys just made it look easy. Excuse Me Miss is the funnest, most addicting song on the Misconceptions of Me mini-album. A beautiful R&B dance track is just what I needed in my life. The song has a solid beat along with a gorgeous melody. Can you not picture the boys dancing to this wonder?

05. Standing Still – U-KISS (COLLAGE)

It looks like a number of artists decided to step it up this year! U-KISS is one of them. Rather than release a thousand of boring, underproduced tracks, U-KISS finally spaced out their releases this year and decided on making worthy songs! Standing Still is a dark, acoustic-sounding dance track that just feels cool. If the song itself isn’t enough to win you over, let it be Soo Hyun and Hoon’s flawless vocals that do. The entire track is dramatic, which gives it it’s great replay value.

04. Recipe – Brown Eyed Girls (Black Box)

BEG certainly didn’t wow me with their Black Box album. However, there were select tracks that did work some magic. It’s safe to say that Recipe ended up being that one song that was absolutely stuck in my head. It’s smooth and sexy–two words that can perfectly describe the group itself. I love the mixture of vocals and Miryo’s rapping in the chorus. Brown Eyed Girls are one of the few artists that can seamlessly join rap and slow jam songs. Love it.

03. Dolls – Nine Muses (Dolls)

There’s yet to be a Nine Muses release I don’t like. Dolls was a fantastic way for Nine Muses to start the year off. It was pretty, cute, and any other pleasant adjective you can think of. It should be obvious by now that I adore Nine Muses’ brassy sound. Saxes, trumpets, and trombones galore–it’s fantastic. Not to mention, these models have some lovely vocals to help strengthen the song even more. I love these girls.

02. Everybody – SHINee (Everybody)

Looks like SHINee has invaded the countdown again! Of course, it wouldn’t be a complete year if SHINee didn’t get a fantastic dance track. It might be just slightly generic, but for whatever reason, I can’t get enough of it. It’s upbeat, fun, and quirky. I can’t ignore the presence of this song. It’s strong. You’ve made me proud this year, SHINee.


If I could literally put the whole SEXY BEAT album in this spot, I would. MBLAQ came back this year with a flawless mini-album and title track to match. R U OK? wasn’t the title track, but it was the best out of the many slow jam songs released this year, as well as my favorite of the album. You can literally smell the genuine passion that was put into this song. I love its strong yet smooth vibe. I can’t help but fall in love with this song’s powerful spell. MBLAQ went all sorts of right with this release.



 Golden Touch – Rainbow (Rainbow Syndrome Part 1)


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite K-pop Songs of 2013

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  2. Yo~ it’s been a while! I’m using my WordPress account but it should link back to my new one! ^^

    A nice list! I feel like G.NA’s song belonged in 2010/11 because it’s so forgettable sadly. Yes to Excuse Me Miss, Give it to Me, R U OK?, Doom Dada and Everybody though, such good songs of the year.

    I hope you’ll also check out my yearly end post and comment with your opinion:

    Hope you have a happy new year <3

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