Under A Spell 2013 Year-End Awards [K-pop Edition]

Another one!? It can’t be. But it is! Welcome to the K-pop edition of Under A Spell 2013 Year-End Awards where I celebrate all the good K-pop had to offer this year! Shall we!? You’re caught under the spell now. Sorry!


Funny, entertaining, weird, plus it has a pretty good moral! Lee Hyori’s newest album was light years away from what I expected it to be, but it was a nice change! Bad Girls‘s music video strays away from the usual “lights, camera, action” formula that majority of K-pop artists overuse now. Its cute story-line about a girl born bad turned into something quite inspiration. Sure, it isn’t okay to run from the police or whack your teachers with foreign objects, but it’s not horrible to be different from everyone else! Who cares if they laugh? Who cares if you’re the only one? Do what makes you feel comfortable! To Hyori, that meant not being what she was expected to be: a perfect little princess with a predictable agenda. There she goes again, being a trend-setter!


SISTAR’s Give It To Me was in the running, and it was so close… But it just couldn’t handle the awesomeness that is beheld in this album. I’ve already done a track-by-track review of this album, so I’ll keep this short. Many of the tracks that I didn’t like originally have grown on me–which doesn’t happen often. G-Dragon created this gem specifically for me to relish in it. He’s an artful genius.

2013bestkpop_bmaOh my god. This album is absolutely perfect. There is not one song that I dislike. It is literally filled with perfect perfection. MBLAQ have been on the down low for a while now, but I’m never missing them. Their releases are always so rich and high quality that they’re worth the wait. This is one album that you just have to listen to in order to understand how unbelievably amazing it is.

They’re dancing with props. Enough said. No, but seriously, SHINee can pull off just about anything when it comes to dancing. They could be soul train-ing the whole video and it will still be absolutely flawless. These boys are just plain talented. There were a few boy groups in the running for this award but the fact that SHINee are dancing with microphones like nobody’s business pulls the win. Rookie group MR.MR tried to emulate the microphone dance, but none compares to SHINee.


Normally I’d say, “To hell with SNSD!” But I just cannot ignore these costumes! They’re so fun and vibrant. Usually girl groups look atrocious when they mix so many styles and colors together, but SNSD has pulled it off flawlessly in these get-ups. I’m surprised by how good each of them look!


So yeah, T.O.P plays a gorilla. And rides a zebra. And drives a “motorcycle” with a giant-headed baby on the side. It all means something, believe it or not. T.O.P is the master is what it means. Okay, just kidding, but not really. The gorillas represent fools nowadays who think they are original when they make music. In all actuality, they’re just reincarnating something that someone else didn’t even lay out for them! Whether or not it’s clearly seen, I love that T.O.P’s visuals tell a story. It has a serious meaning but it’s done in a humorous way. Plus, I really love that scene with the spinning skeletons.


SISTAR is one the most vocally blessed groups in K-pop right now. Not only are their songs immensely catchy, but their singing never ceases to amaze. Give It To Me is a perfect example of how far these girls’ singing abilities go.


This girl is adorable, holy fuck talented, and oh my god, is she cute. Oh, I already said that? Well, I’ll say it again! I can’t get enough of this video. I can’t get enough of this song. I can’t get enough of her! She’s the best thing to happen to K-pop since Ailee. Come on, have you seen this video?? It’s cuteness overload! I can’t, I can’t! Don’t let it be over, Lee Hi!


U-KISS over-saturated the industry with sub-par releases that weren’t anything special. But the boys finally stepped their game up this year. The music was on-point, the videos were on fire, and the group overall were just doing better. I’m glad that their company is spending a little more time on quality releases rather than throwing trash at us every couple months. Even with their lineup change, I hope that 2014 brings an even stronger year for U-KISS.


I was pleasantly surprised to see VIXX shoot to fame this year. Rock Ur Body was my favorite K-pop song of 2012. Since then, I’m glad to see how far these boys have come. I thought they were just gonna be another K-pop boy group that doesn’t go very far and ends up disappearing into oblivion. However, their dark, creepy image has done them well. They’ve quickly become a very unique unit that is impressing a lot of netizens. I’m hoping that this group sticks to that image and stands their ground as a force to be reckoned with.


Oh god, how do I even live without Sohee in Wonder Girls? My favorite member is gone. That one member of JYP that was just so interesting, so mysterious, so enticing…is now gone. I still can’t really grasp the fact that from now on, any appearance of the Wonder Girls will not include Sohee. It’s surreal.


Allkpop is scum and should rot in debt for the trouble they’ve caused poor, young Ailee. An innocent talent fulfilling her dream. They had to go and stomp on every little piece of happiness that she ever experienced. Thankfully, Ailee kept her ground, didn’t wobble for anyone, and went on with her activities as usual. It shows how strong of an individual she is. I fucking love it.


SHINee have really won me over this year. I’m shocked by how much they’ve been able to accomplish with me. Their music is to die for, their talent is so up there, and they… just haven’t been rubbing me the wrong way like they have so many times in previous years. They’ve done fantastic in 2013. I hope that they can continue surprising me well into 2014.


Adding to the Ailee / allkpop scandal, netizens were actually on Ailee’s side. No one blamed Ailee, no one made her feel shameful for her past, I don’t even think anyone batted an eye at Ailee. All of the blame went to allkpop for being complete tools and releasing such sensitive pictures just because “they’re a news website.” This was surprising to me. Considering how stupid netizens are, I expected everyone to bash Ailee for the photos. But that didn’t happen at all. 99% of netizens did the right thing and pointed fingers at allkpop. I’m actually a little proud of that community for sticking up for what’s right!

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