The end of an era: there are no better words to describe this.


The rush of emotion that overcame me when I saw the heading of Idolminded a few days ago was gut-wrenching. I was hoping for Ray to link us to a gorgeous Sohee photoshoot that caught his eye, but the result of more scrolling was a blood-pumping alternate: Sohee will not renew her contract with JYP Entertainment this December.

It hurt. It hurt so much. Wonder Girls was my original K-pop love. They helped introduce me to the intriguing universe of K-pop and all of its fascinating elements: the glamor, the lights, the dancing, the members–what have you. They were the foundation of my newly-birthed adoration for Korean music way back when in 2008. Wonder Girls were original. They were variety. They were the building blocks of all the girl groups we know today. They were before Girl’s Generation, 2NE1, and 4minute. They were the beginning.

SoheeAt the time of Sun Mi’s departure, the girls had just made their mark on American soil. It was a milestone, but they weren’t a household name just yet. Lim joined and it seemed like a bit of a blunder, but original WG fans were welcoming to the newcomer. Once Wonder World released, the girls were back on their A-game: performing, shooting, and shocking us all with their sleek, polished look. However, the quirky side was quick to catch up with Wonderfuls as Like this joined their list of smash hits: Tell me, Nobody, and Be My Baby.

We all know who Wonder Girls are now. And even if you are a newcomer to the K-pop fandom, you’ve heard their name at least once. Sun Mi leaving the group didn’t dent them much. But once Sun Ye announced marriage and pregnancy, it definitely gave us fans whiplash. Sure, she has continued to work with JYPE and the Wonder Girls, but it doesn’t deny the fact that she’s focusing more on her home and personal life rather than the limelight. With Sohee now leaving the group, it has surely come to the end of the original Wonder Girls era. Sohee is known as one of the quietest girls in K-pop, but there’s no doubt that she’s easily the most interesting and recognizable of the group.

She’ll leave us to continue her acting career–something that I’m sure gives her great joy considering the amount of appearances and roles she’s had. So let’s just take a moment…

The beginning

The beginning

The middle

The middle

The end

The end

Wonderfuls, keep the legacy going.


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