Be a Nice Guy, Got It?

I’ve been neglecting the Hello! Project universe lately, and I know it. They just haven’t been interesting me lately. Berryz is stale at the moment, Juice=Juice are confusing me with S/mileage, and C-ute… well, C-ute is C-ute, hit or miss majority of the time. Morning Musume have really been the only likable act lately, and I still can’t really devote myself to their music because of how cringe-worthy their vocals are. But hey, S/mileage are set to release something soon, so maybe they’ll help H!P’s stagnant state right now?

The first A-side of S/mileage’s upcoming single is above. Entitled Ee ka!?, we’re finally greeted with something a little different than the usual S/mileage. Although it’s still upbeat and fun, it has a few elements new to S/mileage, such as the “rapping” and cute hip-hop sound. It’s pretty refreshing to hear something different than the standard psycho-happy-eurobeat bull we’ve been getting from this group for a while now. Thankfully, Tsunku decided to break from that boring pattern.

The video doesn’t consist of much other than a dance shot and some close-ups. Hello! Project’s budget for everyone other than Morning Musume looks to be diminishing. I mean, one dance shot room and one close-up setting? Ugh, how stale. And it’s not even anything particularly cool, either–just a white ceiling and floor plus some lights for added “effect.” And the sparkles? Oh lord, have mercy. How many times have we seen sparkles in a S/mileage video? I probably couldn’t even count the amount of times on two hands. Where the hell did the creativity go?

At least all the girls look super cute. ‘Cept Ayaka looks kinda boring. But holy cow, anyone notice how long her hair is now? I remember when it was chin length! D’aww! Meimi looks exceptional with her hair all done up–such a pretty young lady. Akari is still as adorable as ever with her cutely styled short hair, it’s so good! S/mileage get cuter and cuter as the singles roll on~ Oh, and has anyone noticed that their skirts are so short that they don’t even cover their butts now? Classy.

Hey, the title screens are the same. Welcome to Ii Yatsu, the second A-side.

Oh no, the dreaded “ballad” song. This one reminds me way too much of Yumemiru Fifteen. The eurobeat, the ballad-like melody, the dramatic feel of everything–toooooo similar. It’s just boring. Oh, let’s not forget to mention the lame lyrics. Okay, you’re “afraid of love.” Stahp. You aren’t even allowed to love. It’s a shame that these girls have to sing about shit they have no idea about. But whatever, that’s a post for another day–maybe.

Well, more of the same thing going on here. A dance shot and a sort-of-special close-up with the girls just sitting alone at a table. Well, there is a present to keep them company, I guess. Of course, there are sparkly curtains in the background of the dance shot. Gotta have them sparkles. I’m loving all of the girls’ outfits in this one, though. They’re chic and pretty while being perfect for the weather right now. The tuxedo heels even match with everything. How cute!

This dance seems so sloppy. Maybe it’s S/mileage just not being talented dancers, but it looks messy. Maybe the clothes weren’t comfortable to dance in? In every dance shot since the 2nd gen joined, the girls always look like they’ve already done 3 takes before taking a clean shot of the dance.

All of the girls look pretty good in these costumes–which I’m loving. They have the same “short skirt” theme that S/mileage usually have, but with a refreshing twist. Each costume is unique to each girl, using the same colors as the last single–fuchsia and black. They’re sassy and cute at the same time. Meimi definitely takes the cake here. Her hair is on-point. She should ditch the full bangs for good.

S/mileage - Ee ka!? / Ii Yatsu (Normal) S/mileage - Ee ka!? / Ii Yatsu (Limited A) S/mileage - Ee ka!? / Ii Yatsu (Limited B) S/mileage - Ee ka!? / Ii Yatsu (Limited C) S/mileage - Ee ka!? / Ii Yatsu (Limited D)

01. Ee ka!?

02. Ii Yatsu

03. Ee ka!? (Instrumental)

04. Ii Yatsu (Instrumental)

All of the covers are pretty decent. My favorite is definitely the regular edition. Wow, a regular edition cover that is actually good! Limited A looks pretty provocative–interestinggg… Well, at least none of them are butt ugly!

So, S/mileage didn’t wow me with this single. Then again, when’s the last time they have? At least one A-side was pretty good and the covers/costumes kept it moving.

Ee ka!? / Ii Yatsu releases on December 18th, 2013.


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