Kohaku and Morning Musume

A few days ago, the artist line-up for the 64th annual Kohaku Uta Gassen was announced. For those of you unfamiliar, Kohaku is a nationally televised New Years event featuring the most popular artists of the year performing their music into the new year. Kohaku is pretty hefty shit for an artist–it’s proof that you’re as awesome as you think you are. The deal with this year’s Kohaku is… Morning Musume isn’t in it.

Any other year, I wouldn’t really care about Kohaku. Quite frankly, it’s not something I can see on my own TV, so why would I worry about it? But the fact of the matter is, Morning Musume have had their best year in ages. So why are they invited?

In 2013, the group has sold well over 370,000 copies of their three singles combined. Compare that to 2010, which waltzed by with about 133,000 copies, before the kyuukies joined. That’s almost a 250,000 difference. They’ve been working their asses off. Not to mention the countless performances and appearances I’ve been hearing that they’ve been a part of. Huge bulletins, nation-wide tours, and some country-skipping have all aided MoMusu’s badassery this year. Oh yeah, let’s also not forget their massive leap in music style and image focus.

I feel as though it’s a huge smack in the face for MoMusu. All this work has been put into this year and they can’t even get the opportunity to celebrate it. How awesome would it have been if our mother-group got three consecutive weekly #1’s and a Kohaku performance at the end of the year? That sounds like the perfect end of the year to me!

We can only hope that our girls get the chance next year. Wagamama blew the other two 2013 singles out of the water so let’s pray that the sales continue to grow. Morning Musume need to attend to their vocal problem and maybe Kohaku will let ’em on stage.

Red Team (females)

Ishikawa Sayuri(36)
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu(2)
Kozai Kaori(17)
Godai Natsuko(20)
Sakamoto Fuyumi(25)
Takahashi Mariko(2)
Tendo Yoshimi(18)
Nishino Kana(4)
Ayumi Hamasaki(15)
Fuji Ayako(19)
Seiko Matsuda(17)
Nana Mizuki(5)
Mizumori Kaori(11)
Momoiro Clover Z(2)
Akiko Wada(37)

White Team (males)

Izumiya Shigeru(debut)
Itsuko Hiroshi(43)
Kitajima Saburo(50)
Chris Hart(debut)
Hiromi Go(26)
Golden Bomber(2)
Sandaime J Soul Brothers(2)
Sexy Zone(debut)
Tokunaga Hideaki(8)
Hikawa Kiyoshi(14)
Fukada Kohei(debut)
Fukuyama Masaharu(6)
Hosokawa Takashi(37)
Porno Graffitti(12)
Miwa Akihiro(2)
Mori Shinichi(46)
Linked Horizon(debut)


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