G-Dragon Collaborating with JB

Yup, you’ve heard correctly. Apparently, G-Dragon has recorded a song with the Biebz that will most likely release in 2014.

When my best friend first heard the news, the first thing out of her mouth was: “I’ve lost all respect for GD.” And my question is…


I know Justin Bieber isn’t a generally liked artist or person by anyone except his fans, but why the hate? I mean, I’d never call myself a Justin Bieber fan, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like any of his songs or enjoy watching him perform once in a while. He isn’t a half-bad performer. And since puberty rustled his jimmies, I think his music has had a lot more replay value. Sure, it fits effortlessly in this club/dance track scene we’ve got going on in the States, but I think it suits him perfectly.

Let’s not make this all about Justin Bieber–but for what this could mean for G-Dragon. The only word I could think of is some nice ass publicity. Actually, that’s more than one word, but whatever. Anyway, think about it! Tabloids and entertainment news love Justin Bieber, so do you honestly think G-Dragon is going to get shitted on for working with him? Hell no! If GD is good enough for JB, then he’s good enough for America! If a worldwide phenomenon like Bieber hooks up with a Korean sensation like GD(who gets a shit-load of inspiration from Western artists), I’m thinking this could mean big things for branching out.

I’m genuinely excited for this. Sure, JB is a little shithead and probably annoys majority of the demographic over 15 years old, but you can’t deny he has the power to be influential in the popularity and publicity department.

Hey, at least GD’s not collaborating with someone like Chris Brown–a goddamn woman-beater who has gone along like nothing ever happened. It’s sickening to see how many women still support him.


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