Trashy is What Trashy Does

Just another day in Site Stats...

Just another day in Site Stats…

When I first saw this in my Site Stats, I just passed it over. I mean, there have been multiple times in which weirdos are looking for Sayumi Michishige & Risako Sugaya nudes(c’mon, it’s never gonna happen). But I really couldn’t overlook it when Idolminded released this article.

AileeAuthor Brian pointed to a good source, Seoulbeats, to veer readers in the right direction for reading up on the scandal. If you want more info on it, definitely check out that article.

Needless to say, I was shocked. I mean, this is Ailee, we’re talking about. The powerhouse American that debuted as a K-pop soloist last year? Yeah, her. But honestly, this whole drama thing isn’t even about her nude photos–quite honestly, they were taken pre-debut, why judge her on something that happened when her life was private?–it’s about Allkpop’s trashy excuse for “journalism.”

I never really liked the site to begin with. Quite honestly, all they post about are blurry selcas on K-pop artists’ Instagrams and what bodyguard accidentally pushed what K-pop idol. Who the hell cares? So for them to be swirled into the possible lawsuit arising does not surprise me. What right do they have to dig up photos from some random website and post them with their website’s watermark?

What pisses me off even more is the fact that they justify themselves by saying, “We report on the news, no matter how good or bad.” What? WHAT? It wasn’t even news to begin with. At first, the photos were sent to 6Theory Media by an anonymous tip, to which they refused to go along with the leak. They decide to contact YMC Entertainment,–which was the right thing to do–who supposedly shrug them off. They insist that they will release the story if it gets on the internet. Of course, the photos release on some random, anonymous website, so that gives Allkpop the right to post the photos. They’re on the internet, aren’t they?


Allkpop/6Theory Media should have just let it go. Because, guess what? If the leaked photos would have gotten to YMC at some point, 6TM would have been able to take all the credit for warning YMC about the photos. And who would have been at fault? YMC would have for not taking the report seriously and protecting their contracted idol. All of the tables would have been turned if Allkpop/6TM had just taken a step back and chosen a moral route. But no. Whatever gets the most discussed list, amirite?

I’m truly outraged by the carelessness and immorality of Allkpop. I hope they, along with the shitty ex-boyfriend who leaked the photos, get a lawsuit up the ass by YMC Entertainment. Oh! Speaking of the ex-boyfriend, the CEO of 6Theory Media is an ex-boyfriend of Ailee’s. Not only does 6TM look like douches now, but now they’re possible douches with an agenda.

Fuck you, Allkpop. I’ll be sticking with Seoulbeats from now on.


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