Poll Results #11 + End-Of-Year Polls Begin!

A couple weeks ago, the poll was…

How will Erika Umeda’s return to showbiz pan out?

Absolutely all of you completely crushed my hopes and dreams when you all voted: Eh, no one cares. You heartless bastards!

There were a total of 5 votes in this poll.

So you’re probably wondering about that title. It’s time to get the people’s(my readers’) opinion about what was the best (and worst) about Hello! Project this year. Now until the end of the year, all of the polls will have something to do with Hello! Project for the year of 2013. The results will not be released until the new year. Be sure to vote; you’ll be able to as many times as you’d like! These polls will only be up for one week each. The first end-of-the-year poll is…

Which Hello! Project single of 2013 is your favorite?


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