It Seems I Blinked!

While scrolling through the seemingly endless amount of catch-up posts of Idolminded, I appeared to have blinked one too many times. I missed quite intriguing(at least to me) announcements boiling in the K-pop universe. Shall we?

Dong Ho of U-KISS

Let’s start off with the not-so-fantastic news. On October 16th, 2013, youngest member of U-KISS, Dong Ho, announcing his departure from the group. He stated that his reasoning would be because of his deteriorating health due to his career and his want to just become a normal guy. At first, I was shocked to hear such a sudden departure from the group–especially the group maknae; I mean, don’t those members usually stay the longest? But after hearing his reason, I can’t blame him. In recent times, the behind-the-scenes life of a celebrity has become so much more public. Now, we know they’re dressed by stylists and their music isn’t created by them personally. We know that they’re told to act a certain way in front of the camera and what shows they’re performing on that week. Being a part of the idol industry(Japan and Korea alike) is rough, unmerciful work. Just imagine being as young as Dong Ho. He’s only 19 and he’s been in the entertainment industry for something over 5 years. He’s missed such an essential time in his life to figure out who he is, what his values are, who he wants to marry, what type of life he wants to live, and so, so much more. Who wouldn’t want to go back and start that over?

Alas, he has taken a mighty large step in his life and has decided to leave the entertainment biz behind. He’s decided to live a normal, average joe life where he can meet girls, party all night, and watch TV for hours. I salute the fan favorite for the big boy decision. May you be successful in any path you choose. You still have plenty of time left!

New baby Hailey!

Let’s get happy now, guys! Our first ever pregnant idol finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! Born on October 16th, 2013, the barely one month old girl of proud parents Sun Ye of Wonder Girls and a Korean-Canadian named James Park was named Hailey. Simple, but probably was thought of long and hard by the married couple! Is it just me or did you also completely forget that Sun Ye was pregnant!? I feel like a terrible fan! I guess it’s because we were barely updated–and she was probably too pregnant to bother updating people. I wonder how her pregnancy went and how big she got(even though I’m sure she was still a toothpick)!

As of now, the fanbase is questioning the return of Wonder Girls. Will they all be together? Will Sun Ye still be active in the group? Will they even come back at all? Apparently, Wonder Girls is nowhere to be found on JYPE’s 2014 release schedule. Does that mean that a comeback won’t happen? The only thing we can do now is wait for one and pray for the best…

In more Wonder Girls news, former member Sun Mi has resurfaced with a new, solo debut, 24 Sigani Mojara. Let me begin by saying… HOLY CRAP. HOW UNEXPECTED IS THIS? I mean, there was no warning whatsoever that Sun Mi was going to return, much less return with a solo song! Am I the only one who finds her almost unrecognizable? I have no idea what it is. Maybe the purple hair, maybe the lack of eyelashes, or maybe I just haven’t seen her in so long, but if I didn’t already know this was Sun Mi, I would have never guessed myself.

Like many K-pop videos, it’s entertaining, inviting, and enjoyable. Cute quirks here and there keep the video fresh and interesting. Unfortunately, I’m not blown away by the song. Yeah, it’s catchy and easy on the ears, but it’s not very distinguishable between almost every other work JYP creates for miss A and the more serious Wonder Girls. Although, I do love the instrumental break. Need some originality here, JYP, and quick. An otherwise strong and fierce performance by the former Wonder Girls member! Congrats!


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