My Queen Returns

If you’ve been a Hello! Project fan for a while, you’ll know who the great Erika-sama is. If you don’t, well, damn… It has been a long time since she’s graduated… Let me stop before the tears roll! Anyway, Erika Umeda was one of the unimportant C-ute members back in the day who graduated in 2009. She is actually my favorite C-utie of all time. It seemed that her idol career just wasn’t working out for her, so she left to become a model–which did turn out to be something quite special for her!

image (1) 378px-UmedaErika_2010 600full-erika-umeda (1) UmedaErika2 o0640048010595530793 img20100522153809478erika13march

Now, Erika has left her career of modeling to return to the singing business. On October 25th, 2013, exactly 4 years after her graduation from C-ute, she announced that she had signed onto Peach and Our Songs creative agencies and will be returning as a solo singer.

Erika Umeda 2013


Back in her C-ute days, Erika wasn’t the strongest singer, but she wasn’t the worst. But, if she’s made this decision, I’m sure she’s most likely taken lessons to improve her vocal ability. I cannot wait to see what she debuts with! One of my favorite graduated members will finally be a little easier to keep track of! She’s turned into such a gorgeous 22 year-old. Seriously, check out the transformation.

Nearly ten year gap...

Nearly ten year gap…


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