Diamond Girls

Ai Kago is coming back into show biz, guys. Yeah, I know. What number attempt is this?

Ai Kago Diamond Blog Project


I can’t read Kanji well, but as far as I know, the auditions are for girls ages 15-21. Of course, they should not be signed to any other agency. Kago has assigned herself as group member and will hand select 2-4 other members. Or are the fans voting for the members? Not quite sure. Additionally, there are some other terms & conditions about points or something… I really don’t know. I wish some J-pop news sites translated this before I got to it…

What is my take on it? Well, good on Kago for doing some work in the industry after a while. But I can’t help but think, is this a money thing? I mean, think about it. It’s not like she’s released anything within the past 2-3 years. Even then, it wasn’t a big hit. She’s been through several trials and tribulations, such as her suicide attempts and boyfriend troubles. Not long after, she announced her pregnancy with her first child, Minami.

I wonder what was the real reason behind creating a new idol group? Did she really want to coach some younger acts into the idol business? Did she just want to get her hands into something again? Or did she need some dough to help her through some financial troubles? Sometimes I wonder why these “fallen” idols just don’t give up trying to claw their way back into show business.

Well, I guess that is a pretty harsh thing to think. Hopefully Kago went into the project with a pure reason and is looking for joy out of it. I wish her the best of luck in her search and can’t wait to see an update!


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