The K-pop Round Up: September 2013

Come all to the sometimes-merry-sometimes-not-so-merry-go-round called The K-pop Round Up! Unfortunately, I missed many months of wonderful K-pop due to my internet issues, but alas, I am back for more! For how could I ever let go? It’s time for the September edition of K-pop goodies!

KARA - Full Bloom

KARA. The one group I get mixed up with T-ara and honestly don’t even remember the last time I reviewed them. Pandora, was it? Well, the fact that I just don’t remember them shows how much of an impression they make on me. Full Bloom is their 4th Korean album, released on September 2nd, 2013. Suknyeoga Mos Dwae (Damaged Lady) was the lead track. Random comment but, is it just me or do 3 of the members look exactly alike on the cover? Okay, sorry, side-bar aside.

The video kicks off with the group in a formal setting, all dazzly and whatnot. It’s clear that they don’t feel very comfortable for some unknown reason. As the video progresses, the girls make it clear that they don’t want to be wherever they are. By the end of the video, they are all in pants and white button downs, running a muck. To hell with classiness, Kara announces! The point of the video becomes a lot more apparent. Don’t always conform to what you’re expected to do. You don’t always have to be a perfect little princess. It’s a rather cute moral, even if it’s weakly shown.

The appearances of the girls are a little boring, to be honest. None of them really pop out to me. In addition, the outfits aren’t anything spectacular either. Truthfully, they probably could have been done a little better. They all look oversized and baggy. But maybe that was possibly the look they were going for? I have to say, the white “throne” setting was quite underused. It’s a bit of a waste that it wasn’t incorporated more. As for the dance, it looks pretty basic. I also have to say that there were times where the girls looked sloppy and out of place.

I’m quite surprised with the song. With the way it started, it sounded much like a poppy R&B song, however it turned into this odd, confused J-pop song. Yes, it really reminded me of J-pop. Honestly, it sounded like something Tenjo Chiki would have released back in the day. The track isn’t as modern as I hoped it’d be.

Navi - I Ain't Going Home Tonight

I’ve only ever heard of Navi. I’ve never tried any of her music, nor do I even know what her style is. But from what I can tell, she seems to have a very conservative sound–probably sticking to ballads and light R&B. I Ain’t Going Home featuring Geeks released on September 5th. Let’s have a listen…

The whistle in the beginning immediately made me think of Blow My Whistle by Flo Rida(I highly dislike him, by the way).

The video is rather simple. A dance/closeup shot of Navi included with a (sort-of) story of a girl and a guy. It’s simple. As for outfits, Navi looks great in her sparkly and white dress. Although, she isn’t the most original-looking Korean girl, she’s pretty. The backup dancers/singers could have definitely been dressed better. There were girls who just didn’t look good in their clothes.

The song was nice at best. I don’t think it’s the greatest ballad I’ve ever heard, but it wasn’t bad. It did its job. I was, however, pleased with the sensual sound of it all. Not too shabby.

F-ve Dolls - First Love

F-VE DOLLS, formerly 5dolls, recently released their third mini-album, First Love, on September 17th. I’ve never listened to their music but, I dunno, they look kinda cute… The lead track was Can You Love Me? I don’t know if I wanna love you guys yet…

Truthfully, I’m surprised with how much I enjoyed this. The song starts off rather slow and tacky-sounding. But eventually, it turns into an actual song from 2013. However, someone who doesn’t enjoy ballads probably won’t feel the love here.

I absolutely love the setting. It’s so fragile and angel-like. The leafy flowers and pure white are a gorgeous pairing. I like how natural all the girls look. It’s very fresh. Hye Won reminds me a lot of Mariko Shinoda and it’s adorable that she’s barely a year older than me. Crushing! With it being a ballad, we can’t expect much from the dance.

The song itself has a bit of a J-pop feel, but I don’t mind it much. It’s a pretty song with a nice, easy-going feel.

This was the worst K-pop Round Up ever. I don’t understand what it is, but September was the slowest month ever. Not even J-pop had post-worthy news. Did G-Dragon have a MV for Black or what? My blog feels so unused! Let’s hope that October is better!


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