Poll Results #10

I’m pretty sure I miscalculated the time this poll was up… Oh well! Anyway, some time ago I asked you all…

Do you think Ai Kago’s unit will gain big success?

Ai Kago Diamond Blog Project

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My Queen Returns

If you’ve been a Hello! Project fan for a while, you’ll know who the great Erika-sama is. If you don’t, well, damn… It has been a long time since she’s graduated… Let me stop before the tears roll! Anyway, Erika Umeda was one of the unimportant C-ute members back in the day who graduated in 2009. She is actually my favorite C-utie of all time. It seemed that her idol career just wasn’t working out for her, so she left to become a model–which did turn out to be something quite special for her!

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When You’re Alone in the City

September was quite the slow month for Hello! Project. It seemed that October was going to roll on by in a similar fashion until C-ute decided to smack us in the face with everything promotional for their upcoming double A-side, Tokai no Hitorigurashi / Ai tte Motto Zanshin.

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Can Morning Musume Be Number One Again?

You’d be silly if you said that AKB48 isn’t in their declining state of stardom. Sure, they’re still top dogs and selling millions, but it’s no question that with so many vital members graduating from the group, they’ll end up dying off just as Morning Musume did back in the day. My question is… with how well Morning Musume is doing, could they be Japan’s number one girl group again?

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JASMINE – Complexxx Review

I was going to review Aira Mitsuki’s I’LL BE BACK album next, but it left me with no taste in my mouth. Not a bad taste–no taste. I figured it’d be a waste of time to write a review on an album in which majority of the tracks will have the same comments. Let’s just move onto the next one: JASMINE. If you aren’t familiar with her, she’s a primarily J-R&B singer with quite eccentric style. She debuted over 4 years ago with sad to say, but hasn’t garnered much success since then–only small victories. Recently, her style has incorporated quite a bit of electro, most likely in order to appeal to a broader crowd. Her second full-length album, Complexxx, released on August 21st, 2013. My favorite songs are italicized.

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The K-pop Round Up: September 2013

Come all to the sometimes-merry-sometimes-not-so-merry-go-round called The K-pop Round Up! Unfortunately, I missed many months of wonderful K-pop due to my internet issues, but alas, I am back for more! For how could I ever let go? It’s time for the September edition of K-pop goodies!

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