So, what I miss?

The past four months have not only been dreadful, boring, and sad, but… Well, actually, that just about sums it up. It’s been quite rough not being able to blog. I could barely keep up with any of my Asian music since the only Internet I had was on my phone and my phone is pretty old–in other words, it was close to impossible to stay informed. But finally, after 4 months and twelve days, I can get back into my blogging game and appreciate every moment I have with my Asian beauties!

This comes at the small price of me going back in time to comment on some past events in the Hello! Project and misc. J-pop universe. I don’t feel a need in writing huge posts about every single event that occurred since that will take serious time from the present Hello! Project. Let’s go back all the way to that fateful day in May…

Reina Tanaka Graduation


Reina Tanaka graduates from Morning Musume and Hello! Project

Let me remind you all that this occurred on my 17th birthday. If any of you thought I just decided to abandon my blog before my golden Musume’s graduation, YOU’RE CRAZY. I love her too much to just disappear at free will. Over the Internet, it’s obvious that Reina’s graduation was sharply divided–some people were happy to see her leave, others(like myself) were simply crushed. Although I saw her graduation coming, it still didn’t feel real. I’m never going to see Reina in a Morning Musume video again! I can’t wait to watch the concert fully. I know I’m going to be bawling…

Linlin makes her… debut?

This is borderline scary… Linlin has some killer vocals that any aspiring singer would love to achieve–but this doesn’t show off that fact at all. If this is something off of her album, I truly wonder why it was the first song to be released. Linlin has never struck me as a “cutesy” singer, so why in the world she would chose a “cutesy” song to promote first is beyond me.


AKB48 5th General Senbatsu Elections take an interesting turn…

How in the hell did Rino make number one? Don’t get me wrong, congratulations for Rino shooting up to first place like that; not a damn person saw that coming–however… for good reason. I haven’t heard anything on Rino since her scandal last summer. I remember logging into WordPress in early June on a cousin’s computer and seeing an enormous spike in views from the search of “Rino Sashihara.” Then I find out that she won the Senbatsu Elections!? You would think Minegishi would at least shoot into Senbatsu, but not even she got that! I have no idea how to feel…

Aina Otsuka

Aina Otsuka leaves Juice=Juice

My worst goddamn nightmare for the rookie group.,, I adored Aina Otsuka since seeing her in the 9th generation Morning Musume auditions. Unfortunately, her time in a major Hello! Project group was cut short when disputes between her family and management stirred about. This must be extremely hard on Aina; as soon as she makes a breakthrough in the entertainment business, she’s sucked out of it. I hope her scary little face can still keep trudging!

Mariko Shinoda Graduation

Mariko Shinoda graduates from AKB48

What the fuck.

I couldn’t even believe this news when I randomly came across it one day. I’m eternally internally shattered by my golden AKB-er’s graduation. Seriously!? MARIKO SHINODA, GUYS? YOU KNOW, THE ONE GIRL THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO STAY IN AKB48 FOREVER? Okay, okay, I know that was just something people joked about on the Internet, but I really kind of hoped for it! Well, Mariko is already 27 years old; the idol life should be old news to her by now. Here goes another concert I have to bawl over. THANKS FOR THE DOUBLE WHAMMY, J-POP.


Ain’t no Mirai Shoujo here!

The 12th generation Morning Musume auditions ends in……..

No one.

Tsunku declared that none of the 12th generation candidates can handle the greatness that is Morning Musume right now. Looking for “The Girl of the Future,” Tsunku doesn’t see any reason to add a girl(s) with no benefit for the group. I greatly respect Tsunku for making this decision, rather than adding a rather unskilled girl to a highly skilled group. I anticipate the next time he decides to finally add 12th generation!

Morning Musume - Wagamama / Ai no Gundan

Morning Musume gets 3rd consecutive Oricon Weekly #1

With Morning Musume’s 54th single, Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke / Ai no Gundan, they recently obtained their third consecutive Oricon Weekly #1. This is a huge accomplishment for the group. Selling over 144,000 copies in one week is something that has been unheard of when it comes to Morning Musume. The group has been breaking so many records lately; I’m insanely proud of them!

And that’s all folks! Of course there have been singles/albums/other shit that has released within the time that I was gone but I don’t feel a need to talk about them. Let’s just keep looking forward! It’s been an amazing year for Hello! Project!

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