Internet… Is that you!?

Heh, heh…. Hey, guys… What’s up… ?


Yeah, I haven’t been around in a while.






Do you know how hard it is to go the whole summer without being able to blog? TORTUROUS. My Asians… I need my Asians!!

But, I’m back now guys–not that I ever really went anywhere in the first place.

I’m not even going to waste my time catching up. In another post, I might throw together some one line opinions about what’s been going on since April, but that’s about it. There’s just no way in hell I’m going to bother reviewing everything that’s happened over the past 4 months.

See you guys next time!


2 thoughts on “Internet… Is that you!?


    Oh, I’m so happy you’ve resurfaced! I was worried your blog had imploded or something but obviously that’s not the case because YOU’RE BACK! But Internet problems are the worst problems, especially if they span for four long months… Of course, now it’s kind of like you’re waking up from cryogenic sleep and discovering all that’s gone down in the four months you’ve been out! Which is… quite a lot! But you’ll catch up being the wonderful and efficient idol blogger you are!

    • ; A; I’m so glad you’re as excited as I am!

      I cannot handle just dropping off the face of the Earth! If I ever leave blogging, it’ll never be without warning–I just can’t do it. Internet issues are not fun; I had so much going on at the time that it exploded on me! I missed my quaint, little blog so, so much… I can’t wait to catch up on everything I missed(especially those YouTube subscriptions…)!

      Thanks, Nia! <3

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