When Bland Goes Good

I have to admit, I can be a bit safe when it comes to J-pop. For the most part, I stay within the confines of the groups that I’m familiar with: Hello! Project, AKB48, Perfume, oldie soloists like Hikaru Utada & Ai Otsuka. Every now and again, I feel adventurous and decide to download an album or single from an unknown artist or an artist I’ve only heard about. Miliyah Kato isn’t unknown to those who have broad Japanese music taste, but to anyone who only listens to idol music, they’re most likely scratching their head. Don’t worry, I was there once. For those who don’t know, Miliyah Kato debuted ten years ago in 2003 and has since made quite a name for herself despite her young age of 25(quite honestly, I was surprised to learn she was this young). Her style is a bit of a BoA and Namie Amuro mix, sticking to an R&B and Hip-Hop musical choice. I became a lot more interested in her after listening to m-flo’s February release of LOVER. I have to admit, she’s got quite the set of lungs.

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Brown Eyed Girls – Black Box Review

Nothing like good ol’ Brown Eyed Girls to ease the pain of mainstream K-pop. You all should know that BEG is one of my all-time favorite girl groups. This group embodies everything great that K-pop has to offer. None of the hard dance tracks, flashy lights, or ridiculous get-ups can challenge the talent that oozes out of the pores of each member of this group. Guess what, guys!? K-pop songs can have meaning and they can feel like you’re listening to an actual song rather than a mish-mash of electro beats & beeps. Brown Eyed Girls prove that no matter the age, any hard-working, talented artist can make it for as long as they want in the Korean music business. Black Box is BEG’s 5th studio album and was released on July 29th, 2013. My favorite tracks are italicized.

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So, what I miss?

The past four months have not only been dreadful, boring, and sad, but… Well, actually, that just about sums it up. It’s been quite rough not being able to blog. I could barely keep up with any of my Asian music since the only Internet I had was on my phone and my phone is pretty old–in other words, it was close to impossible to stay informed. But finally, after 4 months and twelve days, I can get back into my blogging game and appreciate every moment I have with my Asian beauties!

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