Will Using The Same Formula Work?

No more than a couple hours ago was PSY’s newest MV released, Gentleman. I thought it was entertaining and cute; I’m always amused by how many places PSY records. But despite all that, there’s one thing that I can’t really shake from my mind: how far will this even go?

PSY said it himself, Gangnam Style was a dream and a nightmare at the same time. It was a dream because it introduced a different culture, music, and language to people all over the world. But it was a nightmare because it was such a huge hit that people doubted PSY could do anything that could top it. That’s a lot of pressure on one man.

Honestly, for the time being, I think PSY could get away with anything and the public will adore it. PSY is a wonder to all of us(especially the ignorant minds). We almost think, “This guy can do no wrong!” Sure, people can try to bag him for some shit he said a decade ago, but the fact of the matter is, ignorance is bliss and the odd fascinates us. People will sit here and complain, “Don’t let this turn into Gangnam Style…” but it inevitably will.

Back to my initial question though: how far will this even go? Quite frankly, this is basically the same formula as Gangnam Style: the catchy beat, the hilarious antics, the memorable characters(yellow suit guy and hip thrusting man), an easy dance move, and the famous K-pop girl. Will this formula be used over and over again? Will it work to the same degree this time around? When will it become tiring?

Right now, we can’t say much when it comes to public reaction considering the video has only been up for about 2 hours. I, personally, really enjoy PSY has a human being and an artist so I hope that he continues to strive and stay a household name. I might sound a little pessimistic but it’s only out of my faith in him as an artist and not just a class act.

As for my own opinion of the song and video, I like the video more than the song. The song is a bit boring because of the whole “club-like” beat, but I’m sure it’ll catch on. Thankfully, the song is in Korean–for some reason I expected it to be in English. Also, does anyone else get a huge Abracadabra vibe from the one beat? Speaking of Abracadabra, is that what the dance is supposed to be? The hip sway? The video features PSY doing some non-classy things despite claiming he’s a “Gentleman.” More like, A-HOLE! But Ga-In kicks some sense into him when she comes in and starts repeating his rude and insensitive behavior. Take that!

Regardless, I hope PSY continues to find success all over the world for as long as he can. I can’t wait to see all the reactions to this…


2 thoughts on “Will Using The Same Formula Work?

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  2. Nice post by the way! It seems like the same formula is working but then again, some people will always follow trends…

    The song and MV clearly is trying to be Gangnam Style 2.0 which is a shame because it’s obvious that it’s only way he can gain worldwide attention again and he’s not trying something new. Sure, he’s done silly videos in the past but Gangnam Style was quite good compared to this. I think what also disappoints me is the fact they bought back Abracadabra “hip swinging dance” with a Psy twist and didn’t create something new but then again, it’s okay just wish all of Brown Eyed Girls was in the video.

    I’m not even surprised that it got about 40 million views within 2 days either.

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