European & American Destinations Plus Some WONDER-ful News

Very recently, Hello! Project’s dancing power, C-ute, has announced their voyage to Paris on their annual C-ute day this year. Also K-pop hip-hop rookies, B.A.P, already have tickets ready for their 4 American concert dates next month!

First, C-ute’s Paris concert has been announced for July 5th, 2013. I think it’s awesome that yet another Hello! Project group is venturing out into European land. Buono! and Morning Musume have been there before and it’s time for C-ute to absorb that international popularity they’ve been gaining the passed few years. I’m a bit saddened for French fans because it is only one day but I suppose one day is better than none! It also must be a little frustrating for the French that artists only pay a visit to Paris but I hope that as many European fans as possible make their way there!

This piece of news breaks my heart a bit… Who announces ticket sales 2 days in advance? Verizon does. B.A.P’s world tour, sponsored by Verizon, is coming to America. Just a day ago, Verizon announced that the tickets for the 4 upcoming tour dates in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, & New York City will go on sale this Saturday, April 6th. Let’s not forget that the concerts themselves are in only… a month. Wow, Verizon, just wow. Big Bang’s concerts(in which I missed for a certain, angering reason) were announced months in advance, which gave fans plenty of time to rack up money and pay up. But 2 days prior to the sale date? Are you kidding me? If you’ve been up on my K-pop Round Up posts lately, I’ve really been into B.A.P and I would have loved to go to the New York show. But since this is such short notice, I doubt I’ll be able to…

Last but not least… Sun Ye is pregnant.


She is having a baby.


I’m fucking ecstatic.

First, she becomes the first current generation idol to ever marry and stay in her respective group. Now she will become the first mother to stay an idol. I’m quite shocked. Not necessarily with the pregnancy–of course, this is sort of surprising–but the fact that she is still staying…

Or is it her decision? JYPEnt was extremely quick to dismiss any rumors that suggested Sun Ye’s departure. I want to be sure that this is Sun Ye’s decision to stay in Wonder Girls and not JYP trying to salvage any departing members. Now that the marriage is out of the way, having a child is the next massive step in a married couple’s life. I honestly doubt that Sun Ye will stay long after her child is born. Yes, she’ll be around until dancing becomes painful, but I truly believe her maternity leave will mean the end of her Wonder Girls’ tenure.

And I honestly wouldn’t mind it that way. Sun Ye needs to raise and take care of another human being. She can’t do that while she’s running around on tour in different countries. I’d be happier knowing she’s home full-time taking care of her newborn rather than seeing a sad face on stage knowing she’s away from her baby. If she becomes the world’s first time full idol mother, I’ll be surprised.

Regardless, I congratulate the happy couple on their big news. I’m glad that the honeymoon was spent well in the bedroom–wink wink. Love you no matter what you do, Sun Ye!

One thought on “European & American Destinations Plus Some WONDER-ful News

  1. Good for C-ute and B.A.P fans in those countries.

    Nope, JYPE has said that her pregnancy does not affect her leave from Wonder Girls but I bet it postpones them coming back even longer :/ I can’t help but be a bit selfish because I want Wonder Girls back too ;___;

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