Aki-P Loves Riling Up The Fans

Recently, the 5th AKB48 general election was announced. This is same old, same old if you’ve been a fan of AKB48 for a little while. However, Aki-P decided to throw in a twist that sent some fans spiraling out of control…


What is candidacy, you ask–as many others have as well? It’s kind of a bullshit name just to describe the one rule they decided to throw in the mix. We all know that majority of xxx48 groups are allowed to participate; this year they’ve thrown in the sister groups NMB48 & HKT48. Let’s not forget that kenkyuusei are able to participate as well. Any transferred members from the recent xxx48 shuffle back in summer 2012 are not excluded from this election despite being sent to JKT48 or SNH48(Aki Takajo & Sae Miyazawa). But the brand new regulation that’s got AKB48 fans with whiplash is…

Back in the dayThe participation of graduated members.

Say whaaaaat??

Aki-P has stated that willing graduated members who were in the group for 4 or more years are allowed to take part in the upcoming election.

What is the point of this, even?


This is honestly the only logical reason I came up with for Aki-P to allow graduated members to throw themselves into this election. Let’s also remember that this is a senbatsu election as well and those who rank will take part in the 32nd single. What if the graduated members do rank? They’re not even a part of AKB48 and they’re going to be in the next single? The logic…

Ranks 1 ~ 16: 32nd Single Senbatsu Members (aka Top Bitches)

17 ~ 32: Under Girls

33 ~ 48: Next Girls

49 ~ 64: Future Girls

The voting will take place from May 21st to June 7th, 2013. There will be 12 voting methods in total including Live On Demand Subscriptions, Memberships, and the infamous voting slips. The election itself will be held on June 8th, 2013. A concert will be held at 3pm and the election will start at 5:30pm.

Kazumi Urano & Kayo NoroSo far, two former SDN48(as well as former AKB48) members have announced their participation in the 5th Senbatsu general election: Kazumi Urano & Kayo Noro. A few recent graduates are keeping their distance, like Moeno Nito, Erena Ono, Yuka Masuda, Rumi Yonezawa, Sayaka Nakaya, and the almighty powerful…

Bitches hate on AcchanAcchan!

I’m honestly so happy and proud of Acchan for passing on this election. I have a feeling Aki-P is in the fetal position somewhere crying his eyes out and biting his fingers. This whole “4 year graduated member” bullshit was created just for her. But she isn’t having it. Atsuko has moved on from that part of her life and is ready to become her own person. She’s ready to make a name for herself. She’s an adult now! Atsuko not participating in this cracked up election adds onto the continual amount of respect I have been gaining for her. I’m itching to see what other graduates decide to step back out on stage with their former co-workers…

To wrap up this post, AKB48’s 31st single has been announced for May 22nd, 2013, however it is still untitled. In addition, a second solo single for Tomomi Kasai has been announced for May 8th–it is also untitled. I wonder how this will do considering her meltdown in AKB48 a couple months ago…

Jane Doe, bitches.

And don’t forget about Takamina’s currently lackluster upcoming single, Jane Doe, out on April 3rd!


One thought on “Aki-P Loves Riling Up The Fans

  1. I really think the whole 4 years plus was included so that Rinatin or Maimai would apply. You know when AKB jumps the shark when they welcome Rinatin back into concerts, or events.

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