A Big Fat F for Effort

I’m honestly… a little disappointed. It’s just not… as good as I’d thought it’d be.

I was extremely excited to hear that AKB’s little big boss was going to get her own solo single. The girl has been a devoted AKBer since day one, which is why she’s inherited the title “Little Big Boss” as well as actually becoming AKB48’s general manager. She’s come a long way and she deserves a little spotlight! You know, the spotlight besides standing next to Atsuko.



When the teaser photos released, I was really hoping for something strong, maybe even a little electro. But. The song is honestly nothing special. It doesn’t stand out as a debut single like it should. It’s almost stale!

It’s upsetting. I would have thought they would’ve tried a little harder not to sound like just another AKB48 song, but that’s exactly what it sounds like. A lot of netizens have also been pointing out her voice, to which I say… You’re all right. What happened to her voice? She sounds extremely forced though she’s never really sounded like that before. What’s up with that?

When it comes to the PV, I can’t judge properly considering it’s the short version. However, it does seem to be well produced as many AKB48 PVs are. It also includes a story which has to do with some big shot white people and Minami’s alter ego–who I’m going to assume is “Jane Doe.”

Looking at the wardrobe, I’m still a little put off. That light red dress makes her look wider than she is, which is never a good thing. The black ensemble is pretty hawt and sassy, but it sticks out like a sore thumb. In a “realistic” setting like that, who isn’t going to notice you? It’s a little too… extra.

If management couldn’t handle a strong, crazy release, couldn’t they have gone down a safer route with upbeat earcandy? I feel like that suits Takamina so much more anyway. Something with pigtails and lots of colors and cracktastic sparkles. This odd sexy and/or subtle mature just feels weird.

Sorry, Takamina that you had to be stuck with this stale, dated nonsense.

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