Future Girl

Morning Musume is ready for its newest batch of girls! It was announced not long ago that  the 12th generation auditions, nicknamed Mirai Shoujo, is ready for some new chicas!

Morning Musume - Brainstorming

As usual, Tsunku is looking for some unsigned schoolgirls aged 10-17. The deadline for auditioning is set for May 30th–plenty of time for some seifuku-himes to get their singing and dancing up to par.

I’m not exactly surprised of course. Tsunku has been up on his game lately, opening auditions each year. It’s actually served him well. Sales have boosted tremendously, more foreign events have been announced, and it looks like Morning Musume is finally starting to gain that unity that we loved so much from the Stable Lineup.

Let’s also not forget that with Reina leaving, we’re gonna need a few more girls to fall back on. The picture above perfectly outlines the hierarchy many fans have noticed in Morning Musume. Ayumi Ishida, Riho Sayashi, Mizuki Fukumura, and Sakura Oda are going to be pushed far once Reina’s gone. The last 6 might not be completely shafted, but we won’t see much of them in Morning Musume’s newest formation-influenced dances. Riho and Ayumi have the dancing power, Mizuki is being groomed as leader, and Sakura has the lungs. And quite frankly, the other girls fall a little behind when it comes to those factors.

We’re gonna need more girls with some nice vocals. Sure, the girls now have a few good notes here and there & Sakura is good, but we still need a little more power behind those screechy tones. If we get more than a couple girls, I anticipate a few with some really powerful voices. When it comes to dancing, all we really need are Riho and Ayumi to battle it out–the others get by just fine.

Speaking of the amount of girls being added, what do you think? I’m gonna take the title as a bit of a disclaimer. Nobody really noticed that last year’s audition was entitled “Suppin Utahime(Makeupless Songstress)“–wasn’t plural, meaning only one. Then when we were smacked in the face with just Sakura, everyone was shocked. But we could have inferred that! So since this generation’s audition is entitled “Mirai Shoujo,” I’m gonna be ready for another 1nin generation. But I also think we’re ready for another era of 16nin Morning Musume.

Morning Musume - BrainstormingThe newer newest era of Morning Musume is beginning. Reina is on her way out and younger girls are ready to take over. Which leaves me thinking… How long until Sayumi’s ready to go?

Check out the website here.


9 thoughts on “Future Girl

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  2. 16nin Morning Musume sounds good!! but if a 1nin generation does come at least Sakura has a kouhai to get along with =) I wish the audition weren’t announced so fast though…

  3. I agree! I really hope we get at least three new members now. I don’t mind the new emphasis on dancing really, because I love dancing, but I do sometimes feel concerned for the other girls. But then I remember people like Kamei who worked on her dancing and became known for it. I keep saying nobody should underestimate the girls. I agree about the screechy tones though. Hopefully we’ll get another singer like Niigaki who can handle lower notes with the same power.

  4. The news does give me an impression that it’s to add another member/s after perhaps the 6th generation go but with Morning Musume’s success, they might be looking to focus more on getting another spotlight member perhaps. I hope there are two girls this time, not one. I liked the pattern (3rd, 7th and 11th are all one-member gen).

    P.S love your new header! Did you do it? I’m in need of a new one (plus an icon)

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