The K-pop Round Up: January 2013

Well it’s about damn time! January was a month of resolutions but not much of the month for some good K-pop. Kio’s back for a vengeance with this comeback post of The K-pop Round Up!

This cover is rather disturbing in a way… Regardless, SNSD(or.. Girl’s Generation, whatever you want to call them) released a studio album entitled I Got A Boy on January 1st, 2013. I really don’t like SNSD, so I’m not even sure why I’m doing this. *shrug* Oh well. Let’s  see the damage…

The video starts out like your average aegyo-filled Korean drama: a large pink room and way too many sound effects. However, I really like how the camera panned while they were “frozen.” That was a really cool effect.


Wasn’t expecting that.

Well, first, that bitch screamed and scared the shit outta me. And then… Hip-hop? Rapping? What? Well, that was awfully awkward to watch…

The setting switches to a much more colorful and vibrant area, still rather hip-hoppy. I love their outfits though–I would totally be down for stealing at least one piece of clothing off of each girl.

Another music change? This time, it’s helium-filled! What the hell do you even call this?

And the song changes again… And the girls change into Daphnes…

Let me just stop. I can’t take it. This song is repetitive as fuck and doesn’t know how to stick to one genre. Seriously! Just pick a rhythm and stay with it! This song is a fucking mess! And this video is basically just dancing and close-ups. Boringggg. The most interesting thing about this video is the styling–very fun and eccentric. Also, am I the only one who notices that about 90% of SNSD are extremely unattractive?

I got a boy chicken…

GLAM is an originally 5-member girl group that debuted back in summer 2012. I Like That is their 2nd single that released on January 2nd, 2013. Let’s see if I like that…

Can I say that they already remind me of Miss A? I cannot be the only one. The black hair with a bandanna = Suzy. Long light brown hair = Fei. Short redhead = Jia. And the other one is Min.

The song isn’t all that original as well. It’s rather “been there, done that.” The visuals are also kind of “deja vu” for me. Everything looks and sounds like a mixture of Big Bang, 2NE1, and f(x).

I also sense a bit of favoritism going on here. I literally saw the “Min girl” a total of 5 times. “Suzy girl” and “Fei girl” must be the management’s likes.

Eh, no.

Brown Eyed Girls’ leader JeA surprised everyone this New Year with her first solo mini-album, Just JeA, on January 4th, 2013. Let’s also recognize that she was able to work with her favorite artist, Eric Benet, in the first track of the album. The lead track was Geudaega Jamdeun Sai.

Just be warned that this video might just give you some motion sickness. Especially when you’re deliriously tired like I am right now…

JeA is featured in a couple different rooms. One with instruments and musicians to accompany her, another by herself, singing on the same stool. There are quite a few oddball visuals to add to the video. Violinists float on their chairs, a guitarist suspiciously balancing on top of a pile of chairs, and a piano glides eerily across the floor.

Overall, it’s quite powerful. I thought it was going to be rather drab and slow, but it was actually quite moving. There’s something deeper than what meets the eye. It seems as though JeA is just hanging around some rooms while some inanimate objects move around, but it isn’t. To me, the odd visuals represent her grip on reality. JeA is doing whatever she can to be strong and allow herself to let go, but it just won’t happen. Everything goes topsy-turvy and she slowly loses her grip as all the weird things start happening. To top it off, the song is very dramatic and soulful, making the video even more gripping to watch. I love it. Great job, JeA.

Bissori is B.A.P‘s second digital single, released on January 15th, 2013. I saw part of EatYourKimchi’s review on it, so I kind of have a feeling of what to expect. That mascot is partly creepy and partly adorable…

Whoa. What world are they in that rain is green!?

Someone must have gone through a really bad breakup, cause he just broke dat chair. Ain’t cool, dude. You just betta be payin’ for that..

Oh, so that was the source of the green rain… It was in a vase. Hm.

Hey! What did momma tell you about playing with lighters!? Especially when you’re emotionally unstable about your breakup, no good!

And then they get splashed with green paint… And… Shot!? Holy hell. It’s just not your day, huh, B.A.P?

I honestly really enjoy these strange visuals. Like JeA’s video, it represents the boys losing their grip. They caress inanimate objects and stare at dead flowers. It’s sort of demented, in a way. I didn’t pay much attention to their styling because it all seems sort of basic. However, I could do without the eyeliner. The song itself is nice and easy on the ears, but not super unique or original. Honestly, it reminded me a bit of Nanchatte Renai by Morning Musume. Also, I can’t help but notice B.A.P continual “softening.” The boys blew my mind back in April 2012 with their song, POWER. And every release I’ve reviewed since then is calmer..and softer..and sulkier. Although I’ve liked most of them, they need to comeback with a powerful and heart-pumping release. Hopefully their February mini-album and 2013 album won’t be anything to laugh at.

VIXX blew my mind with their 2012 summer release of Rock Ur Body, eventually making #1 on my Top 10 K-pop of 2012 list. Dachil Junbiga Dwae Isseo (On and On) is VIXX’s third single released on January 17th, 2013. I’m literally bouncing in my seat in anticipation.

Hey, white ladies! I bet you anything that they randomly picked up some VIXX fans in America and decided to use them in the video.

They let out their best weapons: VIXX! Attack, bitches! Oh, and apparently if you look through a telescope from 1652 you can clearly see a female tied to a tree as if she were 3 feet in front of you.

Finally, they land on…the moon? a random plant? somewhere? And DANCE! Because that is what all the astronauts do! They do some thriller-esque zombie moves and sing about needing therapy.

So was the mission ever complete? Did she get out herself? Did they free her? What!?

I might’ve been a little happier with the video if they didn’t break into dancing and singing. A full-on story MV would have been awesome–especially from a young group. However, we can’t always get what we want. The song itself is very different; I honestly wasn’t expecting something so hard and B.A.P-sounding from a group that was extremely playful in their last release. I enjoyed it. However, I feel like it might get overplayed quickly. Welcome to my iPod yet again, VIXX.

Well hello there MR.MR, you awkwardly unimaginative group. No, I have not been awaiting your next release. Highway is MR.MR’s 2nd digital single, released on January 24th, 2013. Let’s hope there’s not floating lightbulbs and single corner rooms on this highway…

Guess who’s back? No. I already know it’s you. Why the fuck do artists say this??

Some guy drives angrily with a girl who looks dead. However, we see them together in an apartment. The girl looks anxious and on edge while he eats his Campbell’s chicken noodle soup. TWISTS AND TURNS when he casually unloads two guns out of his bag. Alright, cause my boyfriend does that all the time.

Bitch has had enough. She takes the pistol and points it at him. He is shocked at first, “WAI!?” but then his face relaxes into a “Bitch please” serious. She shoots the ceiling to somehow prove she means business but he just takes the gun out of her hand with no problem whatsoever.

The rest of the group walk in and intimidate the couple with a bullet to the… WALL! They then leave the gun on the table and… LE GASP! I UNDERSTAND NOW! The guy with the girl is a hitman and is assigned to assassinate people, hence the crossed out pictures on the wall. He was meant to kill the girl but instead kept her for himself. The bastards walk in to remind him that she’s supposed to die regardless of his motherfucking feelings.

The girl understands her fate and takes the gun. The guy tries to rescue her from the madmen but is too late. She’s already murdered herself in front of them, to let her boyfriend live.

WHOO! A PLOT! It was rather interesting, honestly. However, the song is nothing to toot a horn at. Y’know, “been there, done that.” It was nice to watch, though.

Mah bitches! Nine Muses got some bullshit from aramatheydidn’t! for laying on a bed in their upcoming video. Dolls was released on January 24th, 2013. Let’s take a look-see at the final product~

The video is centered around the dancing, of course. It’s sweet and flirty with a touch of sexy. There are quite a few scenes and settings but nothing particularly stands out. Honestly, I think there are a bit too many settings. There’s no true theme or anything like that. Maybe it was done that way on purpose? But I gotta say, that mirror scene doesn’t compare to Morning Musume’s!

I also don’t really find any outfits particularly interesting except the UZA-esque tie-&-blazers.  Very sexy but still rather feminine. I wish they filled them up more, though. Those skinny ass legs aren’t good for leather shorts.

The dance is surprisingly simple-looking. However, I do love that dance move when they sing “miryeonhage~” But did they seriously have to zoom in on their asses every time? HA.

The song itself is pretty and vibrant, I love it. It’s not as strong as I would’ve hoped and it feels a bit short, but I have no true problems with it. I also absolutely adore the rap–possibly the best part of the song.

And would you look at that, the bed scene is featured for a total of 5 seconds!

SISTAR19 is a sub-unit consisting of Hyo Rin and Bo Ra of SISTAR–my two most favorite members I might add. They’ve been around since the original group’s debut but this is only their second release. Issda Eobseunikka is oddly translated to Gone Not Around Any Longer(wut?) and was released on January 31st, 2013. Shall we?

Bench gliding! Got our new workout here!


Leave it to motherfucking SISTAR to make a sad song sexy. These girls, I swear.

The song isn’t half bad but it might take me a few listens to actually get really into it. The video took a lot away from the song. It’s supposed to be this sad, love song but it contains very little of the actual story and more of the girls grinding the bench and dancing in short shorts. I couldn’t really get a feel for the song or the emotion out of it this way. I understand that it wasn’t really meant to be overly sexual or really sexual at all, but it’s very distracting.

Let’s also point out how unflattering those black costumes are. Seriously. They do not look right at all. Their legs look bony as hell and they’re shaped like soda cans–it is NOT cute. The white versions look wonders better. Although it’s very subtly sexy, I’m sick of the button-down-no-pants look. I swear, I’ve seen it everywhere. It’s not unique anymore.

I also realize how odd the setting of the black costumes are. It really does nothing to make the girls pop.

I’m not trying to be down on this release, I’m really not. I love these girls, but this video was thought of in one shot. I feel like it had the potential to be something way greater.

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