Nothing Says “Asian Celebration” Like Some Zebra Print…

Berryz Koubou and S/mileage are getting ready to release their (sort of) spring singles! Are they up to par? Let’s a-go~~!

Saki_AsianCelebration Saki_AsianCelebration02

Saki‘s feeling pretty powerful in her zebra print. Look at how long her hair is now! No extensions needed, girlfriend. However, that second pose is a bit awkward.

Momoko_AsianCelebration Momoko_AsianCelebration02

Are we going for the record for no Momoko pigtails? They should’ve put flashier earrings on her–she looks a bit egg-headed.

Chinami_AsianCelebration Chinami_AsianCelebration02

Chinami continues to look sexier and sassier as the years go on. Her hair is a little drably styled but I still think she looks gorg~

Maasa_AsianCelebration Maasa_AsianCelebration02
Omfg, Maasa. You look hott as hell. She fills out the outfit perfectly, has a fierce ass pose, beautiful round face… Crushing!

Miyabi_AsianCelebration Miyabi_AsianCelebration02
Miyabi.. You poor girl. What did they do to you!? The hairstyle is no good–Miya’s face is too long. Her light brown lenses are a little scary-looking. I think they just threw anything on this child.

Yurina_AsianCelebration Yurina_AsianCelebration02
Pretty! It’s hard to believe Yurina is going to be a woman this year! Ah! Wait… Is it just me or is her hair even lighter now? Maybe that’s the lighting…

Risako_AsianCelebration Risako_AsianCelebration02
Oh lord. Risako‘s back to the gray/lavender/blonde from last summer. Girl, how many times must I tell you? YOU ARE THE HOTTEST BLONDE ASIAN EVAR! Regardless, she’s really working this horrid zebra print.

Sigh. I was really, really hoping these weren’t the costumes for this single. They don’t make sense! Don’t get me wrong, they really aren’t that bad, but they’re kind of those…once upon a time concert costumes–not so much for a single! Especially not this bomb ass song. Like, what in the hell screams Asian Celebration about this zebra print? It’s just… no. Take a nap, fashion designers. You need it. However, Maasa looks sexy as hell and she can prance around in this zebra print any day.

The low quality covers were released along with the tracklisting but I’ll just wait until the high quality covers leak~

Ayaka_Tabidachi_01 Ayaka_Tabidachi_02
Oh. My. God. Ayaka, you are so damn beautiful. These colors look amazing against your skin and that sleek brown hair! AH! This girl is so gorgeous!

Kanon_Tabidachi_01 Kanon_Tabidachi_02
I was wondering why Kanon looked so different. Extensions and hair dye! The chestnut brown looks great on her and Kanon never really looked good with short hair anyway. Very pretty~

Kana_Tabidachi_01 Kana_Tabidachi_02
Wha… What? Who is this and when did she become so beautiful!? It’s about time Kana started standing out! I love this dress, I love her hair, and I love how sweetly beautiful she looks.

Akari_Tabidachi_01 Akari_Tabidachi_02
As much as I love Akari, I can’t really dig her “boyish charm” here. For some reason, it just doesn’t blend well with the other girls’ sweet, innocent, girly looks.

Rina_Tabidachi_01 Rina_Tabidachi_02
AHHH! RINAAAA! Your hair! I love your hair! Rina looks so great with this haircut. She’s had short hair before, but here, it looks awesome. So pretty and girly, but still very chic. Loving it.

Meimi_Tabidachi_01 Meimi_Tabidachi_02
Thank you for keeping those damn bangs back, Meimi. Your cuteness level literally rises 100 points when you do that. On top of that, this dress is just delectable on you.

Oh my god! How long has it been since S/mileage saved the day?? Literally… A long time. These dresses are adorable, they look adorable, their styling is adorable… It’s all so adorable! Squee! Unfortunately, the song isn’t anything to squee over…

I can’t be the only one who thinks this sounds like a carbon copy of Seishun Collection by Morning Musume… Kio is not happy with the lack of creativity in this song.

Looks like 2013 really has not been impressing me. Pros here, cons there. Nothing to really blow my mind! I wonder if that Kenshuusei Unit can change my mind…


One thought on “Nothing Says “Asian Celebration” Like Some Zebra Print…

  1. S/mileage’s outfits are adorable. Kanon, Meimi and Kana especially.

    In the case of Berryz, what were the stylists thinking while they were doing Miyabi’s hair? And sometimes with those contacts, they just don’t suit her. Risako should have kept her red hair colour.

    Saki, Momoko, Maasa and Chinami look great especially Momoko who has her hair in a hairstyle that I have wanted her to have for ages (that or her hair down). Yurina looks alright.

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