Happy Graphics!「Mari Yaguchi & Saki Nakajima」

Okay, so truthfully, Mari Yaguchi‘s birthday was about two weeks ago, but I don’t care!

On January 20th, 2013, Mari Yaguchi celebrated her 30th birthday. 30 already! We all know she was a very memorable(and short) member of Morning Musume’s 2nd generation. She witnessed the Golden Era of Morning Musume. Let’s hope she has a great future with her husband, Masaya Nakamura! Enjoy this simple set and couple of avatars!

012013_mariyaguchi_avvie 012013_mariyaguchi_sig


012013_mariyaguchi_avvie04 012013_mariyaguchi_avvie03 012013_mariyaguchi_avvie02


Today, February 5th, 2013, C-ute’s Saki Nakajima has turned 19! She’s so beautiful! Hope you like this set and the solo avatar!

020513_sakinakajima_avvie 020513_sakinakajima_siggy



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