Reina’s Band Name + A Kenshuusei Unit!

Finally, some good to push all this negativity aside…

Reina and Her Band, LoVendoЯ

Reina has finally decided on her band’s name! Read as Lavender, the group name is LoVendoЯ. Is it in a different language? Is it just stylized that way? I’m really not sure. Either way, it’s cute; though, I personally would’ve just left it as “Lavender.” Now I’m going to have to copy and paste that every time I talk about the group. Ugh, work… Their first performance will be at Music Festa Vol.0 presented by SATOYAMA movement in YOKOHAMA on March 2nd!

In other Reina news, she’s currently bedridden with a high fever! A lot of the Hello! Pro girls have been struck with sickness lately so let’s hope they all have a speedy recovery!

Hello! Project Kenkyuusei Unit

Tsunku has recently announced a new unit consisting of all Hello! Project Kenshuusei! In his announcement, he also mentions that he plans on creating more units using the Kenshuusei! Yay! Anyway, this group has…

Karin Miyamoto

Karin Miyamoto (14 years old)

Tomoko Kanezawa

Tomoko Kanezawa (17 years old)

Yuka Miyazaki

Yuka Miyazaki (18 years old)

Akari Uemura

Akari Uemura (14 years old)

Sayuki Takagi

Sayuki Takagi (15 years old)

Aina Otsuka

Aina Otsuka (14 years old)

UNF. FINALLY, MY BITCH AINA!! Ahem, anyway. The group hasn’t been named yet or Tsunku hasn’t released the name. Additional, Tsunku has warned that the final line-up may change. Either way, for the time being, everyone can stop bitching about how Karin is always shafted! Guys, there’s a reason she doesn’t pass the 30 auditions she’s done. There’s a reason. That Tomoko girl has an extremely pretty face; she should dye her hair a Chisato-esque light brown. And speaking of Chisato…

wut r u even doing...

wut r u even doing…

Gurl, no. Please bring back the light brown.

3 thoughts on “Reina’s Band Name + A Kenshuusei Unit!

  1. What a strange name O___O I would not read that as Lavender…still anticipating the group though!

    I’m excited for the group though! That’s good :)

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  3. It’s about time!
    Karin has been the second coming for so long now! I’m glad shell finally get a larger stage b
    And Aina! This girl has taken part of every H!P audition in the last 3(?) years. I’m glad she has a home.

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