Poll Results #4

A couple weeks ago, I asked my readers…

How well will the Kenshuusei Unit do?



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Let’s Have A Good Timee~!

I know, I know. I’ve been a bit MIA lately. But no worries! I’m back with Berryz’ newest PV! Even though I saw it literally the moment it was uploaded(somehow, I just happened to be on YouTube at the time), my review is finally here. So, how do the Disco Berryz fair in this video?

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The K-pop Round Up: January 2013

Well it’s about damn time! January was a month of resolutions but not much of the month for some good K-pop. Kio’s back for a vengeance with this comeback post of The K-pop Round Up!

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Nothing Says “Asian Celebration” Like Some Zebra Print…

Berryz Koubou and S/mileage are getting ready to release their (sort of) spring singles! Are they up to par? Let’s a-go~~!

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My Favorite Posts of 2012

This wasn’t originally planned but, for whatever reason, it dawned on me to do this, and I can’t shake the feeling. I’ve decided to gather up some of my personal posts from 2012 and throw them into one huge article! I figure this will help me understand what I’m good at writing about, what I could work on, and what interests me the most. So, without further ado, let’s dive back into the year of 2012 here at Love’s Spell!

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