Well, That Escalated Quickly…

Very recently, the xxx48 family went through some management changes. Some were fired, some were moved–but overall, the public doesn’t seem to be all that riled up about the decisions. So, in order to keep faith and hope instilled in the minds of fans, SKE48’s new manager does this.

I’m pissed off because the video is private now… In good reason. The guy basically just introduces himself and swears he’ll rip out his innards if he ever gets touchy-feely with one of the SKE members. Y’know, the usual. That’s what I do whenever I introduce myself…


I get it, I get it. A previous manager was accused of being in a relationship with one of the SKE members, and you want to set the record straight. It makes sense–it really does. But…suicide? Why the hell would you promise suicide!? Not only that, but the very specific suicidal act of seppuku. Wh…why is this your first option?

What bothers me even more is how uncomfortable he looks after he says this. There’s an extremely long pause afterwards and he looks like he just wants to run in the opposite direction. I’d hate if I were right, but I feel as though he might have been forced to say it. They might not have told him, “YOU WILL COMMIT SUICIDE IF YOU TOUCH LITTLE GIRLS!” Rather there was an application question that stated, “When you think of suicide, what is the first act that pops into your head?’ so he jotted down “seppuku,” and then they wrote that into his cue cards and then he’s just like, “…Wdf did I just read…”


People are just odd.

wat r u doing, ske manager...


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